Mission Name Maiden of the Dusk
Number 51
Items Needed Key ItemPrimal Glow
Reward Key ItemMoonshade earring
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Fork in the Road Where It All Began
Replay Cutscenes
Maiden of the Dusk (Pt.1-3) Goblin Footprint Grauberg (S) (C-14)
Maiden of the Dusk (Pt.1-3) Goblin Footprint Walk of Echoes
When It All Began (Pt.1-3) Goblin Footprint Walk of Echoes



  • Buffs will wear upon entry.
  • You have 30 minutes to complete this fight. The battle consists of two phases.
  • As with all Mission battlefields, experience points are not lost upon death.
  • Both fights are now very easy with at least level 99/117 and five trusts.

Lady Lilith:

  • The first fight is against Lady Lilith.
  • Possesses enhanced movement speed.
  • Lady Lilith is Dark-based, and thus resists Dark-based spells.
  • Her attacks are conal Area of Effect, magical, wipe shadows, and inflict a variable level of Knockback.
  • Casts -ga enfeebling spells, often using Breakga.
  • Uses the following abilities:
  • Uses Trance as her 1hr, during which she has access to Fatal Allure, a Charm Gaze Attack. Readying time is fairly long, so it can be reacted to and avoided.
  • May cast Comet and/or Meteor at low health for 600~2300 damage.
  • Has approximately 9,000 HP.

Lilith Ascendant:

  • The second fight is against Lilith Ascendant.
  • Lilith Ascendant will not engage until you are in range of her, allowing time to recover.
  • Lilith Ascendant is Light-based and resists Light-based spells.
  • Lilith Ascendant has higher defense and magic defense than her previous form.
  • All of her abilities are named "Dark (Element)", such as Dark Flare, Dark Quake, etc. Each does moderate damage of the appropriate element in a frontal cone, except Dark Tornado and Dark Flood, which are radial.
    • She occasionally uses two of these abilities back-to-back.
  • Note that these are not magic spells, but rather elemental TP moves. Addle and Paralyze have no effect on these attacks.
  • These abilities may have additional effects :
Dark Tornado inflicts Knockback and Dispels all buffs.
Dark Quake inflicts Amnesia and Bind which is especially dangerous if Lilith summons a black Gyves near your party.
Dark Freeze inflicts Terror.
Dark Burst will reset all Job Ability timers to their maximum recast (including 1hrs).
Dark Flood inflicts Encumberance and Knockback.
  • Can also use Dark Moon after giving a short message. Dark Moon inflicts moderate radial damage and 30-second Weakness.
  • Pets do not receive the Weakness effect.
  • Under 50% she may start to use Dark Sun after giving a short message. Dark Sun is approximately 15' Death, similar to Zantetsuken.
  • If timed correctly, this can be stunned, although it can be used more than once.
  • It is possible to resist this attack. Pets may be unaffected. Verification Needed

Elemental Gyves:

  • Can be summoned by either form at any point, but Lilith Ascendant is far more likely to summon them.
  • The type she summons is dependent on the Dark (Element) TP move she uses.
  • They have fairly low HP and will despawn after 30-60 seconds.
  • These do not move, attack, or cast, but create an "aura" effect on anyone close by the Gyve.
  • Beware of Lilith Ascendant's TP moves, which can inflict Bind. This is especially dangerous if bound near the black Gyves.
  • Effects vary by color::
  • Magical damage to Lilith Ascendant is reduced by 15% if at even just one Elemental Gyve is present.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The hour of reckoning is nigh. Seek Lady Lilith at her throne within the Walk of Echoes, where the decisive battle between realities will be waged.