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Magriffon (A)

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Reputation Dialog

Level Reputation Text
1 <Name>? Can't say I've ever heard that name.

What did you expect? Those who live in chill, harsh environs such as these are slow to warm up to strangers. But take heart. Do what you can to make yourself useful, and someday you might find yourself as beloved as me. Ahahaha!

2 <Name>, you say?

Yes, I may have overheard a person mention someone who claims he might have possibly known a fellow who spoke a name that almost vaguely resembles yours...though I cannot be sure. Keep working as you are, and I'm sure the community will warm up to you before long. Even if you're not as charming as yours truly. Ahahaha!

3 <Name>...? Yes, there's no mistaking it.

That's a name I heard just this past day. "Why, she almost reminds me of a young Magriffon" the fellow said. "Not half as brave and gallant, of course...but then again, who is?"

4 <Name>! You're quite the talk of the range these days.

Seems your hard work has made quite an impression on the survivors. Just between you and me, do feel free to take a break from playing heroine all the time. There's no need to overshadow, er, a certain other prestigious personage. Would you not agree?

5 Ah, greetings, <Name>.

Always a pleasure. Every time I hear your name--quite often these days, I must say--it brings to mind my own remarkable exploits. Exploits that people don't seem to be speaking much of these days...<sigh>.

6 Well, you've certainly done it, <Name>. You've completely eclipsed yours truly in the hearts and minds of the survivors of Uleguerand.

I must admit: at first, I was more than a little jealous. But not anymore. We're truly fortunate that you arrived.