Magna Armor Set (Female)


The cut of this armor set is identical to the level 1 RSE gear every Elvaan receives for free on a new character. The main difference is instead of blue, the color scheme for this set is a brilliant, pure white. This set helps to make up for the Elvaans' natural weaknesses in MP, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Agility.

Number of Pieces: 4

Cost to store: 250 gil (Magna armor (♀) claim slip)

Level Armor Piece
27 Magna Gloves

[Hands] E
DEF: 6 MP +24 DEX +2 INT +1
Lv. 27 All Jobs

29 Magna F Ledelsens

[Feet] E
DEF: 5 MP +20 AGI +3 INT +2
Lv. 29 All Jobs

31 Magna F Chausses

[Legs] E
DEF: 12 HP +12 MP +12 DEX +2 AGI +2
Lv. 31 All Jobs

33 Magna Bodice

[Body] E
DEF: 18 HP +24 MP +4 DEX +1 INT +1
Lv. 33 All Jobs

Set Summary

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