Weapon Skill: Automaton Weapon Skill


  • Modifiers: HP (Damage is based on (MaxHP - CurrentHP) times damage modifier)
  • Damage Multipliers by TP:
100%TP 200%TP 300%TP
50% 75% 100%

* This weapon skill's damage is entirely based on the automatons' melee skill, TP, and max HP minus current HP (Lower HP = more damage). It will do damage equal to its own melee skill if the automaton is at full HP, but will still allow you to complete a skillchain.

Skill chains with Victory Smite and Dragon Kick to create Light.

  • At 100% TP, it converts half of the automaton's missing HP to damage.
  • At 300% TP, it converts all of the automaton's missing HP to damage.
  • The Flame Holder adds another 1/4th the automaton's missing HP worth of damage, with three fire maneuvers.
  • Prior to using the weaponskill, Light Maneuver can trigger the automaton to cure itself (when capable of doing so), negating much if not all of the damage.
  • Mana Converter and Dark Maneuver can be helpful to get the automaton's HP low to enhance this weapon skill.