A Magic Critical appears to be a random boost to nuke damage independent of day/weather bonuses. The effect seems to be a bonus of +10 MAB. By default, a player has a 0% chance of magic critical. See also Magic Critical Hit Damage

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

By Amount Added

Name Percent Increase
+10 +9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1
Maleficus CheckCheck.gif
Selenian Cap/Anwig Salade/Champion's Galea° CheckCheck.gif
Goetia Gloves +2 CheckCheck.gif
Yhel Jacket +1 CheckCheck.gif
Yhel Jacket CheckCheck.gif
Goetia Gloves +1 CheckCheck.gif
Hecate's Earring CheckCheck.gif
Wise Strap CheckCheck.gif
Nebula Pigaches +1 CheckCheck.gif
Witch Sash CheckCheck.gif
Jinx Ampulla CheckCheck.gif
  • °With the 10% Magic Critical Hit Rate augment.

Equipment which may recieve augments that enhance this trait

Level Name Type Jobs Potential Augments Augmented
60 Goblin Cest Waist All jobs +2~+3
75 Moblin Cest Waist All jobs +1~+5

There are also Evoliths available which boost magic critical hit rate for spells of specific elements.

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