Madrigal is a type of Enhancing Song used by Bards. It increases the Accuracy stat for party members within range.

Two songs give this effect. Different tiers can be combined.


Songs are learned by Bards only, at the following levels:

11: Sword Madrigal
51: Blade Madrigal

Items that Enhance this Song

Name Lvl Effects
Traversiere 32 Madrigal +1
Traversiere +1 32 Madrigal +2
Traversiere +2 32 MP +10, Madrigal +2
Millennium Horn RareExclusive 75 In Dynamis: CHR +3, All Songs +2
Gjallarhorn RareExclusive 75 CHR +4, All Songs +2, Singing Skill +10, Wind Instrument Skill +10
Cantabank's Horn RareExclusive 82 Madrigal +3 Prelude +3
Aoidos' Calot +2 AugmentedRareExclusive 85 Madrigal +1


A madrigal is a type of secular vocal music composition, written during the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. Throughout most of its history it was polyphonic and unaccompanied by instruments, with the number of voices varying from two to eight, but most frequently three to six. The earliest examples of the genre date from Italy in the 1520s, and while the center of madrigal production remained in Italy, madrigals were also written in England and Germany, especially late in the 16th and early in the 17th centuries. Unlike many other strophic forms of the time, most madrigals are through-composed, with music being written to best express the sentiment of each line of a poetic text. The madrigal originated in part from the frottola, in part from the resurgence in interest in vernacular Italian poetry, and also from the influence of the French chanson and polyphonic style of the motet as written by the Franco-Flemish composers who had naturalized in Italy during the period. The madrigal is related mostly by name alone to the Italian trecento madrigal of the late 13th and 14th centuries.