Campaign Freelance


  • Is sometimes assisted by his training partner Degenhard in battle.
  • In Campaign Battle, Maat uses Asuran Fists, Spinning Attack, and Bear Killer.
  • Extremely high counter rate. (75%+)
  • Extremely potent Auto Regen.
  • "Heh heh heh. A lot of young brawlers making names for themselves in this time of war. Maybe it's time I got back out onto the battlefield myself!"

    "I bet a young whippersnapper like yourself thinks she's got what it takes to rough up a beastman or two, eh? From what I see, you still have a few more mountains to climb, missy!"

    "Heh heh heh. Listen! You can hear that right? It's the sound of my blood-a-boiling!"

    • Wearing his Maat's Cap while talking to him won't change his speech. He ignores it.
    • Appears in the present as Maat.

    Maruna-Kurina's Notes

    Oh, you've heard of Maat? A regular living legend, that one. He's been living in Jeuno since it was no more than a flyspeck of a fishing village-willage. They say he's mastered every form of combataru there is! I've run into him before in North Gustaberg. But rumor has it he is in charge of some very important tasks back at the Grand Duchy. I wonder how he finds the time to go for leisurely strolls so far away... He has a rival too, you know? What was his name again... Hegen...no...Degenhard! That's it! He's been known to wreak havoc-wavoc on the battlefield every now and then. He loves collecting those ancient papyrus testimonies, no matter what variety. He also has a penchantaru for ambitious souls, and is said to dote on those who have mastered three or more paths of their own.

    How to Influence

    • Trade to influence him. (He will accept already used and worn testimonies also).
      • Maat will not accept any testimonies for the jobs that he is not directly involved in breaking (Blue Mage, Corsair, Puppetmaster, Dancer, Scholar). You will get the correct dialogue for influence but he will not take the test or gain any influence by it.
    • According to the clues given by Maruna-Kurina, it may be possible to influence him by speaking directly if you have completed 3 or more of the Shattering Stars limit break quests that involve fighting him. Verification Needed

    "What's this...? Interesting...No, no. I'm sorry, youngster. I don't have time for that now. But maybe someday when this war is over..."

    When Allied