A small sundries shop with a prime location right next to Upper Jeuno's famous clock tower. This little shop has been so popular, they've opened a second branch in Kazham. The shop's popularity was such that they received a visit from a Tribune reporter, and subsequently an article in the Vana'diel Tribune!

Location: Upper Jeuno G-6

Shop type: Sundries Shop

M and p's market-upper jeuno

M & P's Market


Name Items Sold Price
Rusese Map of Qufim Island ~3000 gil
Map of the Eldieme Necropolis ~3000 gil
Map of the Garlaige Citadel ~3000 gil
Map of the Elshimo Regions ~3000 gil
Areebah Chamomile ~119-135 gil
Wijnruit ~110-124 gil
Carnation ~60 gil
Red Rose ~80 gil
Rain Lily ~96 gil
Lilac ~120 gil
Amaryllis ~120 gil
Marguerite ~120 gil
Champalpieu Rolanberry ~120 gil
Iron Arrow ~7-10 gil
Crossbow Bolt ~5-6 gil
Pickaxe ~180-208 gil
Scroll of Wind Threnody ~567 gil
Scroll of Water Threnody ~420 gil


Name Purpose
Rusese Map Vendor
Areebah Standard Merchant
Champalpieu Standard Merchant
Theraisie Standard Merchant
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