Lycopodium (NPC).JPG


  • Talking to Lycopodium triggers a short cutscene.
The lycopodium is entranced by a sparkling light...
Your memory is engraved with an image of your surroundings and the fragrance of flowers...
  • After checking the light in the past and then the present, the following messages appear:
"The sparkling light seems vaguely familiar to you..."
"You sense that a certain trigger may awaken the memories slumbering in your mind."
(Before having spoken with the Lycopodium, checking these sparkling light targets causes the following message to appear:
"The ground is sparkling with a strange light.")
  • After trading the flower to the Sparkling Light, in the present, the following message appears:
"The fragrance of the flower sends your senses reeling back to the world of the past..."

NOTE: You must talk to the Lycopodium (NPC) in each area in order to use the corresponding sparkling point.

After talking to the NPC in the past, you may trade a flower to the Sparkling Light in the same location in the present area. This will transport you to another location in the same area:

You will lose the flower upon trading to the lights.
Flowers that work: Amaryllis, Asphodel, Carnation, Casablanca, Cattleya, Dahlia, Lilac, Marguerite, Rain Lily, Snow Lily, Sweet William, Phalaenopsis
Flowers that won't work: Lycopodium Flower, Chamomile, Red Rose, Wijnruit, Papaka Grass, Flax Flower


Zone Name Location
Batallia Downs (S) (F - 5) on the stone ramp by the border of (F - 6)
Garlaige Citadel (S) (E - 8) on the third map, just past (G - 10) of the second map
North Gustaberg (S) (F - 9) on ramp to west section of North Gustaberg (S)