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;[[Upper Jeuno]] (North to South)
;[[Upper Jeuno]] (North to South)
:(G-7) [[Sibila-Mobla]] (wanders outside M&P's Market)
:(G-7) [[Sibila-Mobla]] (wanders outside M&P's Market)
:(G-8) [[Shiroro]] (in a house)
:(G-8) [[Shiroro]] (in the house with the Mithra outside)
:(G-8) [[Luto Mewrilah]] (north-west of the Temple of the Goddess)
:(G-8) [[Luto Mewrilah]] (north-west of the Temple of the Goddess)
:(H-9) [[Renik]] (Just north-east of the Temple of the Goddess)
:(H-9) [[Renik]] (Just north-east of the Temple of the Goddess)

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Start NPC Ajithaam - Upper Jeuno (G-5)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 1
Repeatable No
Reward White Invitation Card

Ability for mercenaries to warp you to Whitegate


  • Talk to Ajithaam who will give you a White Sentinel Badge and ask you to find new recruits for a mercenary group in Aht Urhgan.
  • Check the badge to get coordinates for the people you should talk to in each area.
  • You will know you've found the right person because you get an emote message: "[ ]'s badge flashes brightly."
  • After you talk to all of the people for Jeuno, return to Ajithaam to receive a White Invitation Card (key item).
  • Once you have also signed up to be a whitegate mercenary, Ajithaam will also teleport you to whitegate for 300g.
  • You will need to talk to:
Ru'Lude Gardens (South to North)
(G-8) Crooked Arrow (by the steps leading to the Auction House)
(H-9) Albiona (near the downstairs fountain and embassies)
(H-7) Muhoho (upstairs on the palace balcony)
(G-7) Adolie (in the palace Guard Post)
(I-6) Yavoraile (in the palace Dining Hall)
Upper Jeuno (North to South)
(G-7) Sibila-Mobla (wanders outside M&P's Market)
(G-8) Shiroro (in the house with the Mithra outside)
(G-8) Luto Mewrilah (north-west of the Temple of the Goddess)
(H-9) Renik (Just north-east of the Temple of the Goddess)
(H-9) Hinda (inside the Temple of the Goddess, she is the first person on the left as you enter)
Lower Jeuno (North to South)
(J-7) Sutarara (Neptune's Spire Inn, 2nd door on the left, outside of the Tenshodo)
(I-7) Saprut (top of the stairs above AH)
(H-9) Bluffnix (Gobbiebag quest NPC, in Muckvix's Junk Shop)
(H-10) Naruru (Merchant's House on the middle level)
(G-10) Gurdern (across from the Chocobo Stables)
Port Jeuno (West to East)
(G-8) Red Ghost (pacing back and forth between Bastok & San d'Oria Air Travel Agencies)
(H-8) Karl (all three kids show badges)
(H-8) Shami (BCNM Orb NPC)
(I-8) Rinzei (west of the Windurst Airship Agency, next to Sagheera)
(I-8) Sagheera (west of the Windurst Airship Agency)

Game Description

Ajithaam (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)
The mercenary company "Salaheem's Sentinels" has asked you to help recruit new members.
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