Lucky Roll

Lucky Roll is a dice game played in Norg or Rabao.

The Rules

Dialogue from Repat, Norg Lucky Roll Gambler: "Hey, lady. You look like you could use some extra cash, and what easier way to get gil than by making a date with Lady Luck?"

"Let me explain to you how it works. One game of Lucky Roll is played each Vana'diel day. One play is 100 gil, but as long as you keep paying, you can keep playing. For each 100 gil, you get one roll of our six-sided die. The number that appears is added to the running total for that day. The lucky adventurer who rolls the die that gets the running total over 400 wins...get this...a whopping 10,000 gil! And that's not all! You'll receive extra prizes if the total comes to 401 or 402, and a super bonus prize if your roll brings the total to exactly 400! But be careful; the only time you can find out the running total is after you have rolled. And that's it! Pretty simple, huh? You can attack from the get go, or you can sit back while other people roll, and then come in for the final kill. We provide you with the die, you choose the strategy. All right, enough talk. Let's get rolling!"

Note: The line "as long as you keep paying, you can keep playing" is misleading. A player is only allowed one roll per Vana'diel day, when the game has reset itself.

Where to Play

Lucky Roll may only be played by speaking to one of two NPCs:

  1. Repat, Norg (H-8)
  2. Mileon, Rabao (H-7)

Extra Prizes

The lucky prizes are:

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