Family: Qiqirn

Lucky mouse

Lucky Mouse

Zone Trades Notes
West Ronfaure
East Ronfaure
East Sarutabaruta
West Sarutabaruta
The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Valkurm Dunes
Yhoator Jungle
Qufim Island
Sauromugue Champaign


  • This mouse wanders around in the above mentioned areas during the special event, accompanied by four Lucky Rats.
  • Trade some items (e.g. a crystal) to the mouse, and you'll get a buff and possibly a storage item or New Year's Gift, you can keep trading items with a macro /item "Item Name" <t> and get all the items very quickly. 1 stack of Earth Crystal netted all 3 snowmen and 2 new year's gifts
  • Also it seems you can trade a Beastmen's Seal, receive a buff, and you will still keep the Seal.
  • Will also give buffs EX will cast Protect, shell, enthunder, and shockspikes
  • Can trade RARE/EXCLUSIVE items (e.g. optical earing)
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