Chronicles of Vana'diel - Windurst Mission 2-1 Lost for Words

Chronicles of Vana'diel - Windurst Mission 2-1 Lost for Words

Game Script

Lost for Words (pt.1) - Windurst Waters
Tosuka-Porika: Hrm.


Tosuka-Porika: ...Hrm!?
Sorry about that.
I was just thinking...

Tosuka-Porika: I'm facing my first crisis since taking over as Minister of the Optistery here...

Tosuka-Porika: .........Hrm?
By the way, who in my stars are you?
Wha-wha-what? You're the adventurer sent here to help from the gatehouse?

Tosuka-Porika: Well then, let me explain.
Where do I start?

Tosuka-Porika: Firstly, do you know the role of the Optistery's Library of Magic?

Tosuka-Porika: This is a repository for the storage and preservation of innumerable scrolls and books, from ages long past right up to the present.

Tosuka-Porika: The most important role of our librarians is to consign our entrusted writings to posterity, without ever losing a single one of them.

Tosuka-Porika: Why, even during that terrible war twenty years ago, we were able to protect almost all of the books.

Tosuka-Porika: But the restricted books section is another matter.

Tosuka-Porika: Restricted books are never allowed to be taken out of the Library of Magic, and are normally sealed away in a special room.

Tosuka-Porika: Manuscripts, life-threateningly dangerous to those weak in magical power...

Tosuka-Porika: Books of the dark arts, not to be viewed by mortal eyes... Ancient scrolls not even the Minister of the Optistery is allowed to open...

Tosuka-Porika: All of which are writings that, if taken outside, would cause great calamity. However, one very important book disappeared during the war twenty years ago, and has never been seen since.

Tosuka-Porika: But recently, I received word that said book had fallen into the dirty paws of that outrageous Mithran Cat Burglar who inhabits Windurst Woods.

Tosuka-Porika: Although the source of this information is dubious, the possibility that she has that book is a matter of great consequence.

Tosuka-Porika: That's where you come in...
I want you to go meet that so-called "Cat Burglar" and confirm whether or not she possesses any of our restricted books.

Tosuka-Porika: The Optistery must retrieve any restricted books back as soon as possible, and at any cost. We are counting on you!

Lost for Words - Inner Horutoto Ruins
Nanaa Mihgo: Ha ha ha hah...

Nanaa Mihgo: Thank you for kindly coming all this way to carry out our little trrransaction.

Nanaa Mihgo: This is what you're going to do...
Drrrop all the money and equipment you have on you, then get the hell out of here.

Bopa Greso: Heh heh heh...
Don't tell us this is yourrr first lesson in the school of hard knocks now, little girrrl?

Cha Lebagta: Hah! Perrrhaps you should consider this as your tuition fee?
You see, we intended to use that book as lurrre unsuspecting do-gooders like yourself into our little trap.

Nanaa Mihgo: Hurry up and drop all yourrr belongings!
You don't want to keep me waiting!

Nanaa Mihgo: Huh...?

Ace of Cups: The extinguished magic is our lord!

Ace of Wands: The slumbering strength is our ruler!

Ace of Swords: We have found you, Mithra!
Return the lifeforce of our leader back to us!

Cha Lebagta: Grrr...
This is bad!

Bopa Greso: What do we do, Top Cat?
We can't take on three Ace Carrrdians and expect to live!

Ace of Cups: You tricked us...
You stole from us...
Many important things, you did!

Ace of Wands: They were our lord's belongings!
They were our ruler's possessions!

Ace of Swords: It is not permissible for living fools such as you to take the property of the deceased...!

Ace of Swords: So, Mithra... Tell us where you hid our ruler's belongings!
If you do not want to join him in death, then you had best speak the truth!

Nanaa Mihgo: Alrrright, I'll tell you then...
All you wish to know is their wherrreabouts, right?

Nanaa Mihgo: The boxes you seek are hidden in the old summoner's rrresidence in Windurst Walls...the "House of the Hero."

Nanaa Mihgo: Now that I've told you, you can stop chasing us around, alrrright?

Ace of Cups: ......

Ace of Wands: ......

Ace of Swords: ......
You appear to be telling the truth.

Nanaa Mihgo: Of course I'm telling the trrruth.
I know only too well that you Carrrdians can detect when someone is lying!

Ace of Swords: Then you also know that we are incapable of lying as well.

Ace of Cups: We will be returning to town...
After we have silenced you forever!

Nanaa Mihgo: Why, you double-crrrossing...

Ajido-Marujido: This time you've gone too far!

Ajido-Marujido: When you cannot lie, you must value your words as much as your life!

Ace of Swords: It is the Minister of the Orastery...!

Ajido-Marujido: So, "Cardians of the Dark," you have already investigatarued me, have you?
Dare I ask what evil enterprise you are planning?

Ajido-Marujido: Don'taru tell me that you are after the forbidden magic as well?
That couldn't possibly be true, could it?

Ace of Swords: ......

Ajido-Marujido: Humph. They cannot lie, but they can keep their silence! I underestimatarued them!

Ajido-Marujido: So, now I see...
You stole that book from our Cardian friends there, eh?

Ajido-Marujido: But to hide it and your other spoils right under our noses in ol' Karaha-Baruha's residence...? I guess you could say the darkestaru place is always under the candlestick.

Ajido-Marujido: You can leave the rest to me. Give me the key to the "House of the Hero."
I'm talking about Karaha-Baruha's ring. I know you've gotaru it!

Nanaa Mihgo: You know that the second you lay hands on those boxes, the Carrrdians are going to go after you, don't you?

Nanaa Mihgo: Well, I suppose if it means an end to being tailed by those crrreepy Carrrdians and you, my pesky little man, then it is a small prrrice to pay.

Ajido-Marujido: You have the gall to think I enjoy playing cat and mouse, running around after you, do you?
Really, now...?

Ajido-Marujido: As for you, adventurer, you had better get out of here while you still can.
Otherwise, you'll have a cat in hell's chance of escaping with your belongings intact.

Ajido-Marujido: Next stop, ol' Karaha-Baruha's residence!
I had better hurry back to Windurst Walls before it's too late...

Lost for Words - Windurst Walls
Ajido-Marujido: This is it!

Now I can finally make some progress with my plan!

Ajido-Marujido: !!!

Ajido-Marujido: Whoa! A curious one, you are.
Whattaru? Did you follow me all the way here?

Ajido-Marujido: You're on a mission from the Optistery? Oh, so you're the foolhardy adventurer who took that one.

Ajido-Marujido: Do you really think that the Book of the Gods could actually fall into the hands of that petty thief, the Cat Burglar?

Ajido-Marujido: This is no Book of the Gods. It's just a work of the famous Karaha-Baruha...

Ajido-Marujido: The pages...they're blank...!

Ajido-Marujido: It can'taru be...
The time for the Book of the Gods to lose its magic has come...

Ajido-Marujido: You! You must hurry back to the Optistery!

Ajido-Marujido: Tell Tosuka-Porika that the pages of the Book of the Gods have turned blank. Tell him the Book of the Gods is no more!

Lost for Words (pt.2) - Windurst Waters
Tosuka-Porika: Hrmm!?

Oh, you're finally back!

Tosuka-Porika: How did it go?
Did that so-called Mithran "Cat Burglar" really have her paws on one of our restricted books?

Tosuka-Porika: ...Wha-wha-wha-what!? Preposterous!
The Book of the Gods...!? No...!
The time for the Book of the Gods to lose its magic has come...!? Wha...!?

Tosuka-Porika: It's said that when the Book of the Gods loses its magic power and returns to blank pages, the shadows of destruction will set upon our world...

Tosuka-Porika: Hrm! Really, how could such a fearful thing ever happen!?

Tosuka-Porika: Ajido-Marujido! I bet you wanted the Book of the Gods so badly that you came up with this preposterous lie. Hrmmm...

Tosuka-Porika: Don't you worry about Ajido-Marujido! I'll report him to the Star Sibyl myself.

Tosuka-Porika: And as for you, adventurer.
I must warn you to forget this ever happened! You understand?

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