Mission Name Lost for Words
Number 2-1
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Requirements Sufficient Rank Points
Items Needed Key ItemLapis Monocle
Key ItemLapis Coral
Key ItemHideout Key
Reward Rank points
Repeatable No
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The Price of Peace A Testing Time
Replay Cutscenes
Lost for Words (pt.1) Dienger Windurst Waters, North (F-5)
Lost for Words Goblin Footprint Inner Horutoto Ruins, Lily Tower (I-7)
Lost for Words Juvillie Windurst Walls (D-6)
Lost for Words (pt.2) Dienger Windurst Waters, North (F-5)


  • This mission cannot be skipped.
  • An Instant Warp scroll or a Warp Ring with your Home Point set to Windurst will make for a quick return towards the end of the mission.
  • Under level 35s will need some kind of sneak/invisible.
  • The mission will not be available until after you amass a certain number of Rank Points obtained by trading stacks of crystals of any type to any of the War Warlocks (character with the initials W.W. after their name) located at the city gates.
    • Trading 1 crystal (not a stack, just 1) will unlock this mission.
    • Trading 7 crystals will cap your rank points for Rank 2.

(Win.Waters) Optistery is in the very north, below the exit gate.


  1. Accept the mission from any Windurst Gate Guard.
  2. (Windurst Waters) Talk to Tosuka-Porika in the Optistery at Windurst Waters, North (G-8) (Home Point #1)
    • Tosuka-Porika will be in the east wing of the Optistery.
    • Note: You may have to talk to Tosuka-Porika twice if you've started Past Reflections. No need to zone, just talk to him again.
  3. (Win.Woods) Nanaa is the Mithra the very north.

    (Windurst Woods) Talk to Nanaa Mihgo at the very north of Windurst Woods (J-3) and obtain the Key Item: Key ItemLapis Monocle.
  4. (E.Saruta)Tahrongi entrance is at the top-right.

    Head to Maze of Shakhrami.

Maze of Shakhrami

Maze of Shakhrami Upper

Maze of Shakhrami Lower

  1. Go to (G-6) on the upper map and take the right tunnel.
    • Tip: follow the North/left wall until you reach a fork. This is at (G-6), where you take the right.
    • There are several aggressive mobs on the way,
  2. Continuing on that path will bring you to the room (H-5) on the lower map. Examine a Fossil Rock until you get Key ItemLapis Coral.
    • The active mobs here all detect on sound only. You'll need to cancel your Invisible to examine the Fossil Rock, but you can keep Sneak.
    • There are four Fossil Rocks in this room.
      • Left side(1), top(1), middle(2)
    • Same map at (I-8) has (2).

(E.Saruta) Lily Tower to Horutoto.


  1. (Windurst Woods) Return to (J-3) Nanaa Mihgo for the Key ItemHideout Key.
  2. (East Sarutabaruta) Reach (J-7) the Lily Tower entrance of Horutoto Ruins.
    • It's in the middle of the right side of the map
    • There is a Survival Guide located here.

Horutoto Ruins

Lily Tower

Beetle's Burrow

Note: It is recommended that you do Making Headlines in conjunction with this mission.
  1. Go to (G-9), the lower-left corner of the big room shaped like a rectangular ring.
  2. Enter the room with an Ancient Magical Gizmo. Click and go through the Cracked Wall there to enter a new map in Beetle's Burrow at (K-9).
    • There is no need for Sneak nor Invisible, as the beetles and bats here in the upper 80s do not aggro. If you see any goblins or skeletons near the end (they aggro even at 99), you will be able to avoid them by hugging the western (left) wall.
  3. Head to (G-8) (the tunnel extension there is not marked on your in-game map; see the Inner Horutoto Ruins map).
    • Go west from (K-9), take the path north and follow the western wall.
    • At (I-9), take the west tunnel at the 3-way intersection.
    • Follow the tunnel NW at the next intersection.
    • Follow the western wall and you'll make it to the Mahogany Door. There is a Grounds Tome here also.
  4. Click on the Mahogany Door at (G-8) for a cutscene.

(Win.Walls) House is at very top.


  1. (Windurst Walls) Go to (G-3) the very north to reach House of the Hero in (Home Point #1 is closest)
    • Click on the front door for a cutscene
  2. (N&S Win.Waters) Optistery is at very top in the north.

    (Windurst Waters North) Return to (G-8) Tosuka-Porika at the Optistery (near Home Point #1) to finish.

Game Description

Mission Orders
There are reports that the Cat Burglar has her paws on a "Book of the Gods," a restricted book that was lost twenty years ago. Assist the Opistery in investigating the reports, and attempt to retrieve the priceless, but dangerous, tome.