Start NPC Colti - Abyssea - Attohwa (H-8)
Requirements Reputation 2
Repeatable Yes, Requires zoning
Reward Revive Feather OR 400 Cruor

0 to 1 of the following:
Caller's Seal: Head (SMN) (???%)
Charis Seal: Head (DNC) (???%)
Ravager's Seal: Head (WAR) (???%)
Savant's Seal: Head (SCH) (???%)
No seal (???%)


  • Speak to Colti at (H-8) near Veridical Conflux #8. She will give you 5 KeyItemParradamo Supply Pack. You must give these to 5 NPCs found around Parradamo Tor.
    • You do not lose the KeyItemParradamo Supply Packs if you zone, use a Conflux, etc. If you die or timeout in the middle of this quest, your progress remains.
  • This is one route for climbing Paradamo Tor. It takes approximately 5 minutes. Other routes are possible, and stay away from the top of the Tor if you fear Yaanei. This is one method that seems faster than some others.
  1. Go to Conflux #07 and talk to the Hume Female Resistance Fighter.
  2. Walk up and talk to the Tarutaru Resistance Fighter.
  3. Walk past the femur like bone bridge that the Tarutaru patrols at its highest point of patrol.
  4. You will cross two spine formations.
  5. There is a fork with a miasma going low and another branch going high, go high.
  6. After a claw like formation keep going to the end of the ledge and drop once.
  7. Cross another spine formation.
  8. Go up to the Mithra Resistance Fighter.
  9. Drop down once. If you dropped twice drop all the way down and go south to conflux 3.
  10. Climb a short distance and you will be on top of Paradamo Tor.
    • At this point be careful of the NM Yaanei that roams on top of Paradamo Tor.
  11. Go to the north east corner and drop down to the Elvaan Resistance Fighter.
  12. Put up sneak and drop down to ground level. Go south to the Galka Resistance Fighter.

Game Description

Colti (Field Encampment, Abyssea - Attohwa)
A regiment of scouts has gone astray while on a mission to survey Parradamo Tor. Deliver linkpearls and emergency rations to the hapless crew and restore communication between them and their flustered commanding officer.
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