Ffxi hby 04

Hobby in which various items can be harvested by using a Hatchet at a Logging Point. In order to log, all you need to do is use your Hatchet in the item list on the Logging Point. You can set the following macro in order to speed up the process.

/item Hatchet <t>
Hatchets can break with use, although the Field Tunica Set or Worker Tunica Set can minimize such breakages.

Logs will stack to 12. If you have sufficient skill in Woodworking bring Wind Crystals along to craft the logs into Lumber.

Logging can be done in the following zones:

Buburimu Peninsula

Item Abundance
Lauan Log 24.1%Very Common(24.1%)
Arrowwood Log 19.8%Common(19.8%)
Yagudo Cherry 15.5%Common(15.5%)
Buburimu Grape 10.3%Uncommon(10.3%)
Dryad Root 7.8%Rare(7.8%)
Fruit Seeds 5.2%Rare(5.2%)
Holly Log 9.5%Rare(9.5%)
Ebony Log 3.4%Very Rare(3.4%)
Mahogany Log 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Rosewood Log 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%)
Logging Map

Caedarva Mire

Item Abundance
Dogwood Log 22%Very Common(22%)
Almond 15.2%Common(15.2%)
Arrowwood Log 12.6%Uncommon(12.6%)
Chestnut Log 4.7%Very Rare(4.7%)
Date 6.8%Rare(6.8%)
Lauan Log 9.4%Rare(9.4%)
Pine Nuts 11.5%Uncommon(11.5%)
Rosewood Log 6.8%Rare(6.8%)
Bloodwood Log 2.6%Very Rare(2.6%)
Ebony Log 3.1%Very Rare(3.1%)
Logging Map

Carpenters' Landing

Item Abundance
Walnut Log 17.5%Warning(17.5%) (Common)
Willow Log 17.5%Warning(17.5%) (Common)
Yew Log 10%Warning(10%) (Uncommon)
Arrowwood Log 7.5%Warning(7.5%) (Rare)
Ash Log 5%Warning(5%) (Rare)
Dryad Root 5%Warning(5%) (Rare)
Acorn 2.5%Warning(2.5%) (Very Rare)
Oak Log 0%Warning(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

East Ronfaure

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 26.1%Very Common(26.1%)
Ash Log 20.3%Very Common(20.3%)
Maple Log 25.7%Very Common(25.7%)
Chestnut Log 5.4%Rare(5.4%)
Fruit Seeds 5.8%Rare(5.8%)
Yew Log 9.1%Rare(9.1%)
Chestnut 4.1%Very Rare(4.1%)
Rugged Tree Bark 4.7%Warning(4.7%)
Logging Map

East Ronfaure (S)

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 18.9%Common(18.9%)
Ash Log 14%Uncommon(14%)
Maple Log 14.3%Uncommon(14.3%)
Walnut 12.7%Uncommon(12.7%)
Chestnut Log 8.5%Rare(8.5%)
Ronfaure Chestnut 10%Uncommon(10%)
Walnut Log 7.6%Rare(7.6%)
Fruit Seeds 4.9%Very Rare(4.9%)
Jacaranda Log 0.4%Extremely Rare(0.4%)
Oak Log 4%Very Rare(4%)
Teak Log 2.9%Very Rare(2.9%)
Logging Map
East Ronfaure (S) Logging

Jugner Forest (S)

Item Abundance
Walnut 20%Common(20%)
Walnut Log 15.4%Common(15.4%)
Arrowwood Log 11.4%Uncommon(11.4%)
Ash Log 10.9%Uncommon(10.9%)
Oak Log 8.6%Rare(8.6%)
Willow Log 8.6%Rare(8.6%)
Acorn 5.1%Rare(5.1%)
Jacaranda Log 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Teak Log 2.3%Very Rare(2.3%)
Logging Map
Jugner Forest S logging

Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)

Item Abundance
Holy Water 29.1%Very Common(29.1%)
Nopales 22.3%Very Common(22.3%)
Dragon Fruit 16.5%Common(16.5%)
Bird Feather 14.9%Uncommon(14.9%)
Bird Egg 12.5%Uncommon(12.5%)
Cactus Stems 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Optical Needle 0.5%Extremely Rare(0.5%)
Logging Map

Ghelsba Outpost

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 29.5%Very Common(29.5%)
Ash Log 22.3%Very Common(22.3%)
Maple Log 21.2%Very Common(21.2%)
Willow Log 10%Rare(10%)
Elm Log 6.2%Rare(6.2%)
Holly Log 6.5%Rare(6.5%)
Rugged Tree Bark 6.7%Warning(6.7%)
Logging Map

Jugner Forest

Item Abundance
Rugged Tree Bark 15.4%Warning(15.4%) Received with quest active
Walnut Log 20.4%Very Common(20.4%)
Willow Log 18.5%Common(18.5%)
Yew Log 17.9%Common(17.9%)
Arrowwood Log 14.6%Uncommon(14.6%)
Ash Log 14.3%Uncommon(14.3%)
Acorn 5.8%Rare(5.8%)
Dryad Root 5.5%Rare(5.5%)
Oak Log 0.6%Extremely Rare(0.6%)
Lunascent Log 101%Received with quest active
Logging Map

Lufaise Meadows

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 33.3%Very Common(33.3%)
Ash Log 17.5%Common(17.5%)
Maple Log 20%Common(20%)
Faerie Apple 14.2%Uncommon(14.2%)
Walnut Log 8.3%Rare(8.3%)
Acorn 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Elm Log 3.3%Very Rare(3.3%)
Oak Log 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Logging Map


Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Common)
Dogwood Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Common)
Pine Nuts 0%Unknown(0%) (Common)
Almond 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
Chestnut Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
Date 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Ebony Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Lauan Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Rosewood Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Bloodwood Log 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

Misareaux Coast

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 22.2%Warning(22.2%) (Uncommon)
Faerie Apple 22.2%Warning(22.2%) (Uncommon)
Ash Log 22.2%Warning(22.2%) (Rare)
Maple Log 22.2%Warning(22.2%) (Rare)
Walnut Log 0%Warning(0%) (Rare)
Acorn 0%Warning(0%) (Very Rare)
Elm Log 11.1%Warning(11.1%) (Very Rare)
Oak Log 0%Warning(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

Yuhtunga Jungle

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 19%Warning(19%) (Common)
Rattan Lumber 14.3%Warning(14.3%) (Common)
Lauan Log 11.9%Warning(11.9%) (Uncommon)
Revival Tree Root 11.9%Warning(11.9%) (Uncommon)
Aquilaria Log 9.5%Warning(9.5%) (Uncommon)
Beehive Chip 4.8%Warning(4.8%) (Rare)
Tree Cuttings 4.8%Warning(4.8%) (Rare)
Dragon Fruit 0%Warning(0%) (Very Rare)
Ebony Log 2.4%Warning(2.4%) (Very Rare)
Holly Log 0%Warning(0%) (Very Rare)
Rosewood Log 0%Warning(0%) (Very Rare)
Logging Map

Yhoator Jungle

Item Abundance
Arrowwood Log 22.2%Very Common(22.2%)
Rattan Lumber 22.2%Very Common(22.2%)
Lauan Log 11.3%Uncommon(11.3%)
Beehive Chip 7.8%Rare(7.8%)
Dryad Root 6.5%Rare(6.5%)
Butterpear 6.5%Rare(6.5%)
Revival Tree Root 6.1%Rare(6.1%)
Aquilaria Log 6.1%Rare(6.1%)
Kapor Log 5.7%Rare(5.7%)
Mahogany Log 3.5%Very Rare(3.5%)
Ebony Log 1.7%Very Rare(1.7%)
Tree Cuttings 0.9%Extremely Rare(0.9%)
Logging Map

Ffxi hby 04