In Monstrosity, leveling up monipulators allows you to learn an instinct every 30 levels. The following instincts are all from Lizards.

Instinct Name Effect Faculty

Lizard (MON)
Lizard Instinct I HP+1% VIT+5 DEF+20 2
Lizard Instinct II STR+4 Attack+14 Store TP+3 4
Lizard Instinct III HP+10% Attack+1% DEF+30 6
Bugard (MON)
Bugard Instinct I DEF+30 Double Attack+1% Store TP+3 4
Bugard Instinct II HP+5% Physical Damage Taken-2% Conserve TP+4 6
Bugard Instinct III Evasion+20 Double Attack+1% Haste+3% 8
Wivre (MON)
Wivre Instinct I VIT+15 Evasion-30 DEF+100 6
Wivre Instinct II HP+3% Breath Damage Taken-10% Stoneskin+150 8
Wivre Instinct III STR+5 Store TP+18 Physical Damage Taken-2% 10
Raptor (MON)
Raptor Instinct I HP+1% Attack+5 Haste+3% 2
Raptor Instinct II HP+5% STR+4 Accuracy+20 4
Raptor Instinct III Evasion+20 Double Attack+1% Haste+3% 6
Eft (MON)
Eft Instinct I INT+8 Magic Defense Bonus+5 Fast Cast+4 4
Eft Instinct II MP+50 Magic Attack Bonus+7 Physical Damage Taken-2% 6
Eft Instinct III DEX+10 AGI+10 Refresh+1 8
Peiste (MON)
Peiste Instinct I Resist Petrify+30 Haste+2% Resist Vs. Water+30 6
Peiste Instinct II Resist Amnesia+30 Water WaterMagic Accuracy+30 Double Attack+3% 8
Peiste Instinct III Resist Poison+50 Water WaterMagic Attack Bonus+30 Subtle Blow+10 10
Adamantoise (MON)
Adamantoise Instinct I HP+5% Resist Vs. Earth+100 Resist Sleep+75 8
Adamantoise Instinct II Resist Vs. Water+100 Resist Amnesia+75 Stoneskin+200 10
Adamantoise Instinct III Resist Vs. Lightning+100 Resist Stun+75 Damage Taken-3% 12