This armor is available to the Black Mage and Scholar jobs in exchange for Battle Trophies obtained from Notorious Monsters from Heroes of Abyssea areas. When purchased from a Dominion Tactician, these items will always have up to 3 random augments applied to them. These augments will not be known until purchased by the player.


A Tarutaru in full Literae Attire.

Number of Pieces: 5

Cost to store: Cannot be stored

Tier Armor Piece
[Body] All Races
Lv. 87 BLM / SCH
[Head] All Races
DEF:29 INT+3 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+2
Lv. 87 BLM / SCH
[Legs] All Races
DEF: 38 INT +3 "Magic Atk. Bonus" +2
Lv. 87 BLM / SCH
[Hands] All Races
DEF: 21 INT +2 "Magic Atk. Bonus" +1
Lv. 87 BLM / SCH
[Feet] All Races
DEF: 16 INT +2 "Magic Atk. Bonus" +1
Lv. 87 BLM / SCH


All equipment is Level 87 and Exclusive.

Set Bonus Summary

  • Defense +152
  • INT +14
  • "Magic Atk. Bonus" +9
  • Up to three augments are applied to each piece of armor. See the individual armor pages for possible augments.
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