This Maze requires the creator to use Maze Voucher 07
  • You have 30 minutes (without Trial by Budget) to defeat a single Notorious Monster, no other mobs will be present.
  • The level of the NM is based on the level of the highest level party member. Level Sync will NOT lower the level of the NM.
  • If you don't set a specific family-rune (Beast/Lizard/Vermin/Plantoid) the NM will be an elemental of the corresponding ingame day.
  • Information of possible Maze Rune combinations are located at the bottom of this page.

Possible NMs

Notorious Monster Family Type
Flamma Elementals Fire Elemental
Glacies Ice Elemental
Fulmen Thunder Elemental
Tellus Earth Elemental
Ventus Air Elemental
Anapos Water Elemental
Kimmerios Dark Elemental
Luminare Light Elemental
Dzoavits Plantoids Goobbues
Fungic Koti Funguars
Kerwan Saplings
Metshaldjas Flytraps
Niveus Tages Mandragora
Siltim Rafflesia
Purushamriga Beasts Dhalmel
Seua Peek Tigers
Chichevache Buffalos
Haferbocks Sheep
Sparky Sam Rabbits
Nimble Nelson Rabbits
Gorib Coeurls
Rahu Lizards Raptors
Tanihwa Bugards
Tatzelwurm Efts
Kendi Lizards
Terror Fly Vermin Flies
Gnyan Diremites
Iyamoopo Crawlers
Dicey Dorcus Beetles
Winged Menace Information Needed
Atlas Beetle Beetles
Yellow Pillywiggin Bees
Red Pillywiggin Bees
Noxious Nellie Spiders

Maze Rune Combinations

Family Rune Size Rune Behavior Rune Notorious Monster Possible Drops
Rune 004
-- -- Seua Peek
Rune 015 "Motion" Seua Peek Scheherazade
Rune 016 "Stillness" Haferbocks Gnole Crown
Rune 013
"Great Warrior"
-- Purushamriga Ermine's Tail
Rune 015 "Motion" Chichevache Ermine's Tail, Scheherazade
Rune 016 "Stillness" Purushamriga Ermine's Tail, Gnole Crown
Rune 014
"Tiny Warrior"
-- Nimble Nelson Gnole Torque
Rune 015 "Motion" Gorib Gnole Torque, Scheherazade
Rune 016 "Stillness" Sparky Sam Gnole Torque, Gnole Crown
Rune 005
-- -- Rahu
Rune 015 "Motion" Rahu Zonure
Rune 016 "Stillness" Rahu Mamool Ja Earring
Rune 013
"Great Warrior"
-- Tanihwa Koggelmander
Rune 015 "Motion" Tanihwa Koggelmander, Zonure
Rune 016 "Stillness" Tanihwa Koggelmander, Mamool Ja Earring
Rune 014
"Tiny Warrior"
-- Kendi Mamool Ja Mantle
Rune 015 "Motion" Rahu Mamool Ja Mantle, Zonure
Rune 016 "Stillness" Tatzelwurm Mamool Ja Mantle, Mamool Ja Earring
Rune 006
-- -- Noxious Nellie
Rune 015 "Motion" Winged Menace
Rune 016 "Stillness" Dicey Dorcus
Rune 013
"Great Warrior"
-- Gnyan
Rune 015 "Motion" Iyamoopo
Rune 016 "Stillness" Terror Fly
Rune 014
"Tiny Warrior"
-- Yellow Pillywiggin
Rune 015 "Motion" Red Pillywiggin
Rune 016 "Stillness" Atlas Beetle
Rune 007
-- -- Fungic Koti
Rune 015 "Motion" Siltim Onishibari
Rune 016 "Stillness" Fungic Koti Lycopodium Earring
Rune 013
"Great Warrior"
-- Dzoavits Zaide
Rune 015 "Motion" Siltim Zaide, Onishibari
Rune 016 "Stillness" Dzoavits Zaide, Lycopodium Earring
Rune 014
"Tiny Warrior"
-- Kerwan Lycopodium Sash
Rune 015 "Motion" Niveus Tages Lycopodium Sash, Onishibari
Rune 016 "Stillness" Metshaldjas Lycopodium Sash, Lycopodium Earring


  • My group has done upwards of 10 boss runs, each time getting Tanihwa, with "lizard" and "great warrior", we have added as many runes as possible to increase difficulty, including "Supreme Might" and "Might", but we have yet to see any drop whatsoever, please message me if you have other information. -- Mishli 1-08-09
  • Jan 12th '09 Update: "The requirements to obtain treasure in MMM while using "Liquidation Team" have been adjusted." Whatever that really means.
  • Setting multiple "Family", "Size", and/or "Behaviour" runes may cause the NM to be an elemental. For instance, setting Beast, Lizard, Vermin, Great Warrior, Tiny Warrior, and Motion resulted in Fulmen (Thunder Elemental).
  • Adding both a size and a behavior rune will result in multiple possible drops, but also nightmare TP moves. i.e. Great warrior + Stillness Tanihwa uses Nightmare Bugard TP moves instead of just Bugard moves. On the other hand, NMs like the flytrap tiny warrior + stillness Metshaldjas don't get any nightmare TP moves and make a nice alternative to death by fungic koti.
  • Every item has the hidden effect of giving you beast, plant, vermin, or lizard affinity. For example Ermine's Tail has beast affinity which allows you to intimidate lizards, but you may be intimidated by plants. For items with no hidden effects noted, check the family rune needed to get them to drop and that's the affinity you gain.