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Linkshell Concierge

Linkshell Concierge Locations and Functions

Linkshell concierge locations and the style of linkshell they are in charge of are as follows.

Distributing Linkpearls

Speak to a linkshell concierge while equipped with a linkpearl or pearlsack and select “I’d like to handout linkpearls.” Answer a brief questionnaire with the following information and pay a 500 gil fee to have the concierge distribute linkpearls for you.

  • Language (JP, EN, other)
  • Number of applicants desired (1-10)
  • Main days of activity (Weekdays, weekends, specific days, every day)
  • Time zone (JST, PST/PDT, GMT, no setting)
  • Main time of activity (morning, afternoon, evening, night, wee hours of the morning)

Additionally, equipping a linkpearl and pearl sack, selecting “show me recruiting linkshells,” and picking the corresponding linkshell from the list will cancel that particular registration.

  • A linkshell may only be registered once per concierge.
  • A particular concierge can only register up to sixteen linkshells at a time. New registrations will push existing ones off the list in order of oldest to newest.
  • Maintenance and area restarts delete all registrations from the corresponding concierges.

Receiving a Linkpearl

Speak to a linkshell concierge and select “Show me recruiting linkshells” to display a list available linkshells. Check the list of parameters the registrant has set and choose your desired linkshell.

  • Players may only receive one linkpearl per Vana’diel day.