Type: ENM
Zone: Boneyard Gully
          Level: 75 (Has NOT yet been increased to 99 as of March 2014)
          Members: Recommended: 3 | Maximum: 18
          Time: 15 minutes
Key Item: KeyItemMiasma Filter





Race Runner x 1




2000 EXP


Zero to One of:
Viridian Urushi(???%)
Kejusu Satin(???%)
Zero to One of:
Cloud Evoker (???%)
Zero to One of:
Wagh Baghnakhs(???%)
Scroll of Army's Paeon V(???%)

Zero to One of:
Wagh Baghnakhs(???%)
Scroll of Army's Paeon V(???%)

Gaining Access

  • To enter the battlefield, talk to Jakaka in Attohwa Chasm at (G-10), near the entrance.
  • Jakaka will give you the Flaxen Pouch.
  • Climb the mountain Parradamo Tor in Attohwa Chasm, centered around (J-9) in the east section.
  • Trade the pouch to the "Cradle of Rebirth" target at the summit to receive the Pouch of Parradamo Stones.
  • Return to Jakaka and trade her the Parradamo Stones to receive the Key Item Miasma Filter.
  • Proceed through Attohwa Chasm to Boneyard Gully. The Miasma Filter will allow you to enter.
  • You will be able to choose one of the four ENM battles at the battlefield.
  • Only one of the four ENM battles in Boneyard Gully can be completed every five Earth days.

Battle Strategies

  • You enter the battlefield facing Race Runner, a single Eft. This battle is still capped at level 75 even as of 2012. Your time limit is 15 minutes.
    • You may enter this battle with up to 18 people, though the EXP received is reduced for every party member you add. A party of 3 Level 75 members receives the maximum bonus of 2000 EXP.
  • Race Runner has very high magic defense. (Example: well-geared Freeze II hit for 400 and Thunder IV for 375.)
  • Race Runner is immune to Sleep, Silence, Gravity and Bind (Shadowbind works).
  • Race Runner is immune or highly resistant to Elegy.
  • Race Runner has ~6500-7000 hp.
  • Race Runner casts Aero IV, Aeroga III, Blink, and Gravity in addition to standard Eft special attacks (including a conal stun attack Numbing Noise and single-target poison attack Toxic Spit). It seems to be resistant to Ranged Attacks at certain times.
    • Its Gravity spell seems to be weaker than normal.
  • Race Runner runs almost constantly, only dealing meleé damage if it comes near the character that has max hate; its melee hits are very fast when it stops to hit. If the target with hate is out of meleé range, it uses Toxic Spit.
  • Ignores pets. Pets cannot tank or be the target of Race Runner's attacks; it instead goes after the pet's master.
  • Susceptible to Stun.
  • Runs away after using a TP move.
  • After running for a short time, it normally stops some distance away and casts a spell.
  • Can Triple Attack.
  • See Strategies.