Start NPC Heizo - Norg H-7
Requirements Tenshodo Reputation 3
Items Needed Rusty Leggings x 10
Title Granted Looks Good in Leggings
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Dokumori: Ichi



  • Trade 10 Rusty Leggings (these can be attained by fishing starting areas or by the auction house) to Heizo, who is situated at the top of the ramp, just to the left of the large staircase in the main room.
    • Despite the in-game description text, he will accept multiple leggings in one trade.
  • He will give you the scroll of Dokumori: Ichi

Game Description

Heizo (Norg)
Ten pairs of rusty leggings are needed for the training of young ninjas. Heizo will accept them one at a time.
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