«FFXI-Movie» 0088 San 8-2 - Lightbringer

«FFXI-Movie» 0088 San 8-2 - Lightbringer


Lightbringer - Chateau d'Oraguille
Destin: Call forth all members of the court. Has the adventurer Player name arrived?

Destin: Ah, Player name. The deciphering of the stone tablet you found has been completed.

Destin: There is one line that has us especially intrigued...

Destin: "Light will befall the great Vana'diel only when the true heir of d'Oraguille raises Lightbringer to the heavens."

Trion: And this means...

Shamonde: It means that only the true heir to the d'Oraguille throne will be able to unsheathe Lightbringer, and that only when he does will the true power of the sword be unleashed.

Destin: Then it is decided. When we have possession of the legendary sword, Trion and Pieuje will both attempt to unsheathe it.

Destin: Whoever succeeds will take my place on the throne as the true heir to the House of d'Oraguille.

Pieuje:  !!!

Trion: The true...heir?

Destin: Trion or Pieuje--the sword will decide the future of San d'Oria and lead us from the darkness. Of course, we must first locate the Treasure of the Dragon King.

Destin: Rahal. Curilla. I want your knights to concentrate their efforts on locating Lightbringer.

Curilla: Yes, Your Highness.

Rahal: Understood, Your Highness.

Destin: And Player Name. Report to Rahal for your orders. I trust that your involvement in this investigation can only benefit San d'Oria.

Destin: Set forth and search the darkness for the light that will guide us to a brighter future. The dawn of a new era in San d'Oria is upon us!

Lightbringer - Chateau d'Oraguille
Destin: Welcome back from your long journey, Player name. I am pleased to report that Curilla's forces located the holy sword, Lightbringer.

Destin: According to the writings in our ancient tomes, the scholars feel that the retrieved sword is truly the lost Treasure of the Dragon King.

Destin: The path leading to this day has been long and treacherous. However, our journey is nearly complete. I do not have the words to express my gratitude for your services.

Destin: I thank you, and wish that you might continue your work for the good of San d'Oria long after I have stepped down from the throne.

Destin: However, one final ceremony must be held--the true heir to the House of d'Oraguille must be decided. At that time, your service will again be called upon.

Lightbringer - Chateau d'Oraguille
Trion: Thanks to your perseverance and commitment to the kingdom, Lightbringer has been found, and now the Rites of Succession can be carried out.

Trion: As long as the Treasure is in San d'Oria, the kingdom will be safe--regardless of whether myself or my brother is the true heir to the throne.

Trion: The Rites of Succession will be carried out soon. At that time, your services will once again be called upon.

Lightbringer - Chateau d'Oraguille
Pieuje: I never imagined myself becoming King. This kingdom needs the leadership of my brother to bring her together.

Pieuje: But she also needs someone to step in and take control when my brother has gone too far.

Pieuje: If by chance Lightbringer selects me, I do not know if I can prevent San d'Oria's bloody history from repeating itself.

Pieuje: Does the Treasure of the Dragon King truly wield the power to rule a kingdom? Are we not reading too much into legend? Only time will bring an answer to my fears.

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