Light of Vahzl.PNG

Light of Vahzl
This glow represents the hope radiating from your heart.
Used In Mission:
Obtained upon entering Promyvion - Vahzl for the first time, following Promathia Mission 5-1: The Enduring Tumult of War.

Protects Hume characters from the effect of Chains of Apathy during the battlefield for Dawn. Hume characters lose this item upon first arrival to Al'Taieu following Promathia Mission 7-5: The Warrior's Path. Can be reobtained by climbing to the top of the northern tower in The Garden of Ru'Hmet and examining the Ebon Panel twice.

Regaining your character's lost light earns the "Warrior of the Crystal" title, one of the requirements for gaining access to the Hall of Transference -> Ru'Aun Gardens teleporters.