Job Ability

  • Absorbs elemental damage. The types of elemental damage absorbed depend on the runes you harbor.
  • Obtained: Rune Fencer Level 85
  • Recast Time: 3 minutes
  • Duration: 10 seconds


  • Absorbs damage from one source of the element your harbored runes defend against.
  • The effect expires after absorbing damage from any source of that element, whether it's 1000 damage from Fire V or 7 damage from Blaze Spikes.
  • Absorbs the amount of damage you would have taken BEFORE resistances.
  • Effect wears off after you are hit with a magic attack. Try to predict when a powerful spell or elemental-based TP move is inbound and use Liement before it hits.

Macro Syntax

/ja "Liement" <me>