The Eldieme Necropolis (S)


  • Goes around bestowing Bard song effects on campaign participants. This is usually heralded by him singing a random verse.
  • Provides buffs to any players within range during battle, such as Mage's Ballad II and Army's Paeon V.
  • Only engages in melee when attacked.
  • Has been observed casting the following when engaged: Carnage Elegy, Horde Lullaby, Magic Finale
  • His songs WILL Hit Player pets.

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

Lewenhart is a traveling-waveling bard who has become a favorite amongst the troops, instilling hope and courage with his singing. It turns out that almostaru nothing helps morale as a much as a good song. They say he prefers to stay close to a certain tomb in The Eldieme Necropolis, where his requiems can be heard far and wide. He often asks for holy water as payment for his songs, which he puts to cermonial-wonial use. And as with most musicians, he loves exchanging in song and banter with fellow bards.

How to Influence


  • "Oh, how I long for the days of peace when I was free to roam from tavern and wherever else my heart led me."
  • "Loyal children of Altana, arise and be sustained. Be nourished in thine undying faith, and bask in victory's refrain." = Mage's Ballad or Mage's Ballad II
  • "O gentle Goddess of the Dawn, thou brighten the black of night. Hear our song and heed our call, and bathe us in your delight." = Army's Paeon IV or Army's Paeon V
  • "Sing! Dance! Laugh , and cry! Let sweat rain down in floods! Ride upon this rhythmic beat, make seethe thy red life blood." = Dragonfoe Mambo
  • "Press forward valiant soldiers, glory draws nearer still. Thy deeds shall resound forever, by my stirring song fulfilled." = Victory March

When Allied