Level Restriction (Status Effect).png Level Restriction is a status effect that temporarily lowers your level until it wears off or is removed. Affected characters are treated as if they were of lower level, able to only use abilities appropriate to that level. Weapons and armor above the level restriction may still be equipped as normal, however, the attributes of the equipment will be adjusted for the lower level (see Level Sync for more information). When level restriction status is inflicted upon a player, all of that player's positive magical effects are removed.

How to remove the effect

  • Finishing the task that set the restriction upon you will remove the effect.
  • Returning to your Home Point will remove the effect.
  • Leaving an area which has a level restriction
  • K.O. will sometimes remove the effect, however the effect will return upon revival if restriction conditions have not been met.

How the effect is inflicted

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