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This is a basic guide to group content together based on Level Restriction. This list does not include quests that require travel through a capped area then an uncapped fight (e.g. Waking Dreams). The purpose being to explore content at a given level before selling off your equipment. Please add as appropriate.

Optionally Capped

Assault (50, 60, 70, 75)
Ballista (30, 40, 50, 60, 75)
Brenner (30, 40, 50, 60, 75)

Level 5

The Gustaberg Tour

Note: You will not receive the "Level Cap" effect with this quest, however you are required to be at level 5 or below to complete it.

Level 10

All by Myself

Level 20

Charming Trio
Crustacean Conundrum
Shooting Fish
Wings of Fury

Garrison/North Gustaberg
Garrison/West Ronfaure
Garrison/West Sarutabaruta

Brigand's Chart (Quest)
Eco-Warrior (Bastok)
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria)
Eco-Warrior (Windurst)
Pirate's Chart (Quest)
Trial Size Trial by Earth
Trial Size Trial by Fire
Trial Size Trial by Ice
Trial Size Trial by Lightning
Trial Size Trial by Water
Trial Size Trial by Wind

Level 30

Birds of a Feather
Carapace Combatants
Creeping Doom
Die by the Sword
Dropping Like Flies
Grove Guardians
Harem Scarem
Let Sleeping Dogs Die
Petrifying Pair
Toadal Recall

Playing Host
You Are What You Eat

Expeditionary Force
Aragoneu: Meriphataud Mountains
Derfland: Pashhow Marshlands
Kolshushu: Buburimu Peninsula
Norvallen: Jugner Forest
Qufim: Qufim Island
Zulkheim: Valkurm Dunes

Garrison/Buburimu Peninsula
Garrison/Jugner Forest
Garrison/Meriphataud Mountains
Garrison/Pashhow Marshlands
Garrison/Qufim Island
Garrison/Valkurm Dunes

Level 40

Factory Rejects
Royal Jelly
Royal Succession
Steamed Sprouts
Tails of Woe
The Worm's Turn
Under Observation
Undying Promise

Bad Seed
Fire in the Sky
Test Your Mite

Expeditionary Force
Elshimo Lowlands: Yuhtunga Jungle
Fauregandi: Beaucedine Glacier
Li'Telor: The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah

Garrison/Beaucedine Glacier
Garrison/The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Garrison/Yuhtunga Jungle

Mirror, Mirror
Return to the Depths
The Kuftal Tour

Note You will not receive the "Level Cap" effect on The Kuftal Tour, but you must be level 40 or below to complete it.

Level 45

The Big One (Quest)

Level 50

3, 2, 1...
An Awful Autopsy
Eye of the Tiger
Hostile Herbivores
Idol Thoughts
Rapid Raptors
The Final Bout
Treasure and Tribulations

Beloved of the Atlantes
Bugard in the Clouds
Pulling the Plug

Expeditionary Force
Elshimo Uplands: Yhoator Jugnle
Kuzotz: Eastern Altepa Desert
Valdeaunia : Xarcabard

Garrison/Eastern Altepa Desert
Garrison/Yhoator Jungle

Mirror Images

Level 60

Amphibian Assault
Brothers D'Aurphe
Demolition Squad
Dismemberment Brigade
Divine Punishers
Grimshell Shocktroopers
Jungle Boogymen
Kindred Spirits
Legion XI Comitatensis
Shots in the Dark
Up in Arms
Wild Wild Whiskers

Special BCNM
Hero's Combat
Heroine's Combat
Mercenary Camp

Automaton Assault
Pulling the Strings

Call to Arms
Making a Mockery
Tough Nut to Crack

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