Start NPC Zauko Abyssea - Uleguerand
Requirements Abyssea - Uleguerand Reputation 1
Items Needed Torch Coal
Repeatable Yes after zoning
Reward 400 Cruor (200 repeat)

Savant's Seal: Body (SCH) (8.1%)
Caller's Seal: Body (SMN) (7.9%)
Tantra Seal: Body (MNK) (6.5%)
Iga Seal: Body (NIN) (6.3%)
Lancer's Seal: Body (DRG) (6.7%)
no seal (64.8%)


  • Talk to Zauko (K-9, Conflux #05) to flag the quest, then examine the coal crate behind him for the torch coal key item.
    • The torch coal is destroyed when you use a conflux, so you must walk to the second encampment (by conflux 6) and then the third encampment (at conflux 7) and place the coal into the crates next to the flames at both those encampments.
  • You can then conflux back to Zauko for your reward.

Game Description

Brother Zauko has entrusted you with a delivery of coal for the encampments, that the Divine Light of the Torch shall illuminate the realm now and forever.
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