(seal drop rate)
(seal drop rate)
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| repeatable = Yes after zoning
| repeatable = Yes after zoning
| reward = 400 [[Cruor]] (200 repeat)<br>
| reward = 400 [[Cruor]] (200 repeat)<br>
[[Savant's Seal: Body]] (SCH) {{Drop Rate| 53|719}}<br>
[[Savant's Seal: Body]] (SCH) {{Drop Rate| 53|723}}<br>
[[Caller's Seal: Body]] (SMN) {{Drop Rate| 56|719}}<br>
[[Caller's Seal: Body]] (SMN) {{Drop Rate| 56|723}}<br>
[[Tantra Seal: Body]] (MNK) {{Drop Rate| 39|719}}<br>
[[Tantra Seal: Body]] (MNK) {{Drop Rate| 39|723}}<br>
[[Iga Seal: Body]] (NIN) {{Drop Rate| 41|719}}<br>
[[Iga Seal: Body]] (NIN) {{Drop Rate| 43|723}}<br>
[[Lancer's Seal: Body]] (DRG) {{Drop Rate| 50|719}}<br>
[[Lancer's Seal: Body]] (DRG) {{Drop Rate| 50|723}}<br>
No seal {{Drop Rate|473|719}} <br>
No seal {{Drop Rate|475|723}} <br>
| previous =
| previous =
| next =
| next =

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Start NPC Zauko, Abyssea - Uleguerand
Requirements Abyssea - Uleguerand Reputation 1
Items Needed Torch Coal
Repeatable Yes after zoning
Reward 400 Cruor (200 repeat)

Savant's Seal: Body (SCH) (7.3%)
Caller's Seal: Body (SMN) (7.7%)
Tantra Seal: Body (MNK) (5.4%)
Iga Seal: Body (NIN) (5.9%)
Lancer's Seal: Body (DRG) (6.9%)
No seal (65.7%)


  • Talk to Zauko (K-9, Conflux #05) to flag the quest, then examine the Coal Casket behind him for the Torch Coal key item.
  • Walk to the second encampment (by conflux #06) and place the coal into the Coal Casket next to the flames.
    • The Torch Coal is destroyed when you use a conflux, so you must walk to each encampment.
  • Then walk to the third encampment (by conflux #07) and place the coal into the Coal Casket next to the flames.
  • You can then conflux back to Zauko for your reward.

Game Description

Brother Zauko has entrusted you with a delivery of coal for the encampments, that the Divine Light of the Torch shall illuminate the realm now and forever.
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