Were you looking for Let Sleeping Dogs Die (BCNM)?

Start NPC Mashuu-Ajuu - Windurst Waters (K-6 North)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 4
Items Needed Blazing Peppers
Title Granted Spoilsport
Repeatable No
Reward Hypno Staff
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Reap What You Sow None


  • The quest Reap What You Sow, and Windurst Mission 8-1: Vain, will interfere with this quest. If either is active, you must complete it or both before beginning this one.

Game Description

Paku-Nakku (Aurastery, Windurst Waters)
Paku-Nakku keeps falling asleep in class. It seems as though something happened during the class excursion to the Orastery. Find out the cause of his sleepiness and wake him up, before he fails the grade.
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