Mission Name Lest We Forget
Number 54
Title Granted Champion of the Dawn
Items Needed KeyItemMoonshade earring
Reward Moonshade EarringAugmented
← Previous Mission Next Mission →
A Token of Troth None


First Augment:

Accuracy+4 Attack+4 Ranged Accuracy+4 Ranged Attack+4
Magic Accuracy +4 Magic Attack Bonus+4 HP+25 MP+25

Second Augment:

Latent effect: Regain Latent effect: Refresh Occ. grants dmg. bonus based on TP +5% TP Bonus +250
Occ. maximizes Magic Accuracy +3% Occ. quickens spellcasting +3% Counter +3 Occ. inc. resist to all stat. ailments +5


  • Latent effect: Regain is triggered with your current weapon drawn for 10 TP/tick.
  • Latent effect: Refresh is triggered with your current weapon not drawn for 1 MP/tick.

Reobtaining With New Augments

You may obtain a new Moonshade Earring by tossing your current one and checking the ??? next to the Veridical Conflux in Grauberg (Glowing ??? near Single Tree). This reset your current WotG mission to Maiden of the Dusk. You must redo the fight and obtain the Moonshade Earring along with all cutscenes.

Game Description

Mission Orders
So it was that Altana's grief was ended, tears marring Her divine countenance no more. Yet the Crystal War rages on. Ever must you carry on the fight, in honor of she who sacrificed all, that others might know peace...
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