«FFXI-Movie» 0579 Mog 08 - Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print

«FFXI-Movie» 0579 Mog 08 - Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print

Game Script

Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print - Sea Serpent Grotto
Henchman Moogle: Yeah? Whaddaya want, kupo?

Henchman Moogle: Yer lookin' for the boss, y'say? Looks like it ain't your lucky day. He just left.

Henchman Moogle: Where'd he go, y'say? Hah! As if I'd tell a punk like you, kupo!

Henchman Moogle: I mean, if the boss caught me blabbin' to everyone 'n their uncle about his favorite huntin' spot past the Sahagin's ornamented door, I'd be cruisin' for a serious bruisin'. So scram!

Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print - Sea Serpent Grotto
Riko Kupenreich: Yeah, I'm Riko all right. What's it to ya, kid?

Riko Kupenreich: ...!? You want me to lend ya how much!?

Riko Kupenreich: What's a little boy/girl like you gonna do with that kind o' cash? Eh? I ain't one to talk, but sounds to me like you're up to no good.

Riko Kupenreich: What!? That snot-nosed Toto Kupeliaure is trying to privatize the Mog Houses, you say?

Riko Kupenreich: ...And he's billing you for years of unpaid rent!?

Riko Kupenreich: Hah. Well, that's what I've been saying all along. Those Kupeliaures are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Leave the operation to them and nothin' good will come of it.

Riko Kupenreich: But don't worry, kid. Uncle Riko's got ya covered.

Riko Kupenreich: You've got yourself a loan. We'll give the Kupeliaure brat what he's asking for...heh heh heh.

Riko Kupenreich: What, you thought you'd be getting' cash? I don't think so. We'll be keepin' this deal on the down-low, ya see? This draft is good for all the gil Toto asked ya for. And you're gonna carry it so that nobody's gonna see even a bulge in your pocket. Got it?

Riko Kupenreich: Anyway, I'll be gettin' my people on this. Uncle Riko'll find out what Toto is up to.

Riko Kupenreich: In the meantime, ya better not speak a word of this to no one, ya hear me?

Riko Kupenreich: If news of Toto's plot went public, nobody would trust us Moogles ever again. That wouldn't be good for business. And what ain't good for Uncle Riko's business, ain't good for no one's business. Ya catch my drift, kid?

Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print - Upper Jeuno
Moogle: Oh, Master, there you are! Did Riko approve our loan?

Moogle: Superb! Spectacular! Splendiferous! I just knew that you could do it, kupo!

Moogle: Now just a few flaps of the ol' wings to Toto's place, and...

???: Not so fast. Where you think you going, runt?

Moogle: What!? Step aside, foul fiends! Just who do you think you are?

Goblin Repossessor: Us? We just Toto's little friends...come to collect cash from you deadbeats.

Goblin Repossessor: Let see here... Eight billion eleventy gazillion, four hundred fifty-five hojillion and two gil.

Moogle: What!? That's nearly twice the sum Toto asked for!

Goblin Repossessor: Oh ho. You a funny moogle, you are. Guess you never hear of a little something we call... "interest."

Goblin Repossessor: So I give you econo-monics lesson for dummies. You lazy loafer no pay your debts? The money add up.

Goblin Repossessor: Every day...

Goblin Intimidator: Every hour...

Goblin Enforcer: Every minute...

Goblin Repossessor: Every second...

Goblin Repossessor: Your debt get bigger and bigger and bomb about to blow! Har har har!

Moogle: This is patently preposterous, kupo! We've only prepared the amount we were asked for!

Goblin Repossessor: So you saying you no can pay, eh!?

Goblin Repossessor: Good thing Toto such reasonable guy. You just sign right here, and all problem go away.

Moogle: What in the world is this, kupo!?

Goblin Repossessor: "Master Toto,
Eye am a nincompewp and a
ne'er-do-well. I here-bye promise to
vacu-ate this prop-tery within a week
and re-licorish all future income to
you until--"

Goblin Repossessor: Long story short, this what we in da business call "a contract to get your deadbeat butts outta here."

Moogle: You're out of your bestial brains, kupo! Why should an upstanding moogle such as myself have to leave my own Mog House!?

Moogle: This whole rent business is just a crock cooked up by that crook Toto! He has no authority here!

Goblin Repossessor: Oh, you think you tough guy, huh? Guess we have to do this hard way.

Goblin Repossessor: We just happen to have special visitor back at office. Sweet little girl...with cute tail and wings.

Goblin Repossessor: Maybe you know her? Har har har!

Moogle: Why, you slimy sordid--! What have you done to her, kupo!?

Moogle: If you lay even one feral finger on my Kupiruru, why I'll--

Goblin Repossessor: You still no understand? This business. Like Toto say, you no get something for nothing.

Goblin Repossessor: You and this deadbeat adventurer buddy-buddies, right? He/she no pay bills, you both pay price.

Goblin Repossessor: You in luck, though. See, Toto is nice boss.

Goblin Repossessor: You swear life of unpaid servitude at his new Masquerade Mog House, maybe he work you out deal.

Moogle: (Ooh, Master! I've always wanted to be an actor, kupo!)

Moogle: <Ahem>...I mean, absolutely out of the question! Begone before my master wipes this freshly polished floor with your worthless hides, kupo!

Goblin Repossessor: Har har har! You funny. Anyway, you know deal now, so my job done. You want save girl, you sign contract, bring to Chamber of Oracles. ...Or else! Har har har!

Moogle: Oh Master, whatever shall we do? Is there no end to a moogle's miserable luck?

Moogle: I won't--I can't leave this Mog House behind! But just the thought of my poor Kupiruru, forlorn and forsaken deep within the den of those despicable brutes...

Moogle: It's enough to move a poor moogle to tears... Would that I could flee this flimsy coop and fly to her side this instant! But contract with the MHMU keeps me pinned here to my post, kupoooooo...

Moogle: Oh, Master! You'll save her, won't you?

Moogle: The greatest love story in the history of mooglekind cannot--must not--end like this!

Moogle: Fret not your fair heart, my dearest! My Master is coming to save you, kupo!

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