Start NPC Octavien, Eastern Adoulin
Requirements Level 99 Rune Fencer
Items Needed Key ItemLetter from Octavien
3/8 runic stones:
Key ItemStone of Ignis
Key ItemStone of Unda
Key ItemStone of Gelus
Key ItemStone of Flabra
Key ItemStone of Tellus
Key ItemStone of Lux
Key ItemStone of Tenebrae
Key ItemStone of Sulpor

Key Item"Secrets of Runic Enhancement"
Repeatable No
Reward Runeist Trousers

6,000 ~ 22,000 Bayld (2,000 per stone)
Runeist Attire craftable at Jerra Ndala

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Forging New Bonds Destiny's Device


Need to be on Rune Fencer for this Quest

Q: Which ward should you use when you want to <Effect Description>?
Ward Effect Answer
Reduce elemental damage Vallation
Enhance resistance Pflug
Reduce elemental damage for party members Valiance
Absorb elemental damage Liement
Q: Your opponentaru is a virtuoso with <Spell Name>?
Spell's Element Answer
Fire Fire Unda
Ice Ice Ignis
Wind Wind Gelus
Earth Earth Flabra
Lightning Lightning Tellus
Water Water Sulpor
Light Light Tenebrae
Dark Dark Lux
Q: Your opponent is a sadistaru of the highest degree and loves inflicting <Status Ailment>?
Status Ailment Answer
Paralyze,Bind, Frost Ignis
Mute,Weight, Choke Gelus
Slow,Petrification, Rasp Flabra
Stun, Shock Tellus
Poison, Drown Sulpor
Addle,Amnesia,Plague, Burn Unda
Blind,Bio,Sleep Lux
Dia,Repose, Charm Tenebrae
Q: Your opponent cannot stomach <Element> damage?
Element Answer
Fire Fire Ignis
Ice Ice Gelus
Wind Wind Flabra
Earth Earth Tellus
Lightning Lightning Sulpor
Water Water Unda
Light Light Lux
Dark Dark Tenebrae

Game Description

Octavien (I-8, Eastern Adoulin)
Certain contraptions that create weapons imbued with the power of runes are supposedly scattered throughout the Middle Lands. Help the Federation of Windurst's Ohruru by investigating the issue.