«FFXI-Movie» 0083 San 6-1 - Leaute's Last Wishes

«FFXI-Movie» 0083 San 6-1 - Leaute's Last Wishes


Leaute's Last Wishes
San d'Orian Gate Guard: Well, if it isn't Angelius!

Your timing is perfect. The chateau just sent a request for an adventurer.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: It looks as if this next mission has something to do with the late queen. You should feel honored. It's not every day that an adventurer gets to work directly with the royal family.

Accept the mission?

  • Say Yes.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Spoken like a true San d'Orian!
Now hurry off to Chateau d'Oraguille and get the details on the mission from Monarlais Halver.

Leaute's Last Wishes - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Halver: Why, if it isn't <Player's Name>. This time, your mission has been issued by the late Queen Leaute herself. What? It sounds strange? The king will inform you of the details.

Halver: What do I know of the late queen? I see. You'd like to do your homework before diving into this mission.

Halver: Well, Queen Leaute I d'Oraguille was originally the Princess of Tavnazia. She married into the d'Oraguille family before the Great War.

Halver: Know for her exquisite beauty, there wasn't a man in San d'Oria who wouldn't have given his right arm to spend a moment alone with her...including myself!

Halver: But, as you know, Tavnazia was left obliterated after the Great War. One could tell that this troubled the queen, but she would never show her pain in public.

Halver: If Tavnazia had survived ruin, Marquis Altedour's son--namely, Queen Leaute's younger brother-- would have succeeded to the throne.
However, after the war, her brother disappeared.

Halver: The fames of war have the power to change destinies. I can only pray that our lives will be free of such tragedy.
I apologize. I went on too long. The king is ready for your audience now.

Leaute's Last Wishes (pt.1) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Destin: I have heard good things about you, Player name. Your contributions to the kingdom are both welcomed and appreciated.

Destin: I assume you have heard the details from Halver. Your next mission is a request left by my late wife, Leaute, in her will.

Destin: You've visited the garden where the queen rests, have you not?

Destin: In that garden grows a rare, delicate flower, found only in certain remote areas of Vana'diel. My wife asked in her will that this flower, the dreamrose, always bloom by her side.

Destin: It sounds like a simple task, but the rarity of the seeds forces us to send out our finest warriors.

Destin: That is why I have called you here, Player name. I can trust you will find a dreamrose and plant it in the garden alongside my dear wife's grave.

Leaute's Last Wishes - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialogue
Halver: Excellent! The queen is sure to be pleased.

Take the dreamrose to Chalvatot, the gardener.
He will do the rest of the work.

Leaute's Last Wishes (pt.2) - Chateau d'Oraguille
(You walk into the garden but no one is there. Rochefogne walks up behind you as you search.)

Rochefogne: Stopping by to smell the roses? Such refined taste for an adventurer.

Rochefogne: What petty mission have these people sent you on this time?

Rochefogne: The queen's will? Dreamroses? There must be something behind all this...

(A blinding flash of light fills the screen as the camera tilts upward. When the light clears the flowers and trees of the garden have disappeared, leaving only the stone floor in an empty courtyard. You have also become invisible to Rochefogne as he begins to panic.)

Rochefogne: Wh-what? What's going on?

Rochefogne: The flowers have...

Rochefogne: Player name!?

You must not pursue the Treasure of the Dragon King...
History must not repeat itself...

(Rochefogne turns and sees an Elvaan woman with black hair standing where the queen's grave should be.)

Rochefogne: No...

(Rochefogne runs towards her but she vanishes. He kneels at the spot where she disappeared.)

Rochefogne: Wait!
What... Who was that?

(Another flash of light, and Rochefogne wakes up kneeling on the ground exactly where he started with you standing over him. He stands and looks about the garden.)

Rochefogne: My imagination...or...

Rochefogne: You'll have to excuse me. I have another engagement...

(Rochefogne slowly walks away, looking somewhat unsteady. Chalvatot comes in right after he leaves.

Chalvatot: Who was you talkin' to just now?
No matter. You brought me a dreamrose, right? Hand it over.

Chalvatot: Yes, this is the one... Hm? You say you saw the queen? Ha ha ha! I never heard anythin' so daft!

Chalvatot: Ha ha! They say the pollen of the dreamrose can cause people to be seein' funny things.

Chalvatot: You must be tired from your mission. Maybe you should get some rest.

Chalvatot: Hm? What be that there at your feet? That yours?

Say that it is yours?

Chalvatot: You should take better care of your things!

Say that it is yours?

Chalvatot: Well then, do you mind throwin' it away for me? I can't have a grimy garden, now can I?

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