Lanun Trews +1


Lanun trews +1AugmentedRareExclusive
[Legs] All Races
DEF: 112 HP +70 MP +23 STR +32 VIT +14
AGI +26 INT +30 MND +17 CHR +11
Attack +14 Ranged Accuracy +14
Ranged Attack +14 Evasion +52
Magic Evasion +69
"Magic Def. Bonus" +5 Haste +6%
"Snapshot" +6
Enhances "Snake Eye" effect
Lv. 99 COR
<Item Level: 119>
Enhances "Snake Eye" Effect
  • grants a 4% chance per merit level to trigger no recast timer on Snake Eye
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Can be stored with a Porter Moogle using Storage Slip 18.

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered.


Trade the following materials to Monisette in Port Jeuno (J-8)
Base Required Item Job Ingredient Slot Ingredient Reforged Armor +1
Lanun Trews Rem's Tale Ch.9 x8 Kaggen's Cuticle Waktza Rostrum Lanun Trews +1
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