Lamian Armlet


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Lamian armet
This armlet once decorated a Lamia's
wrist. It would not fit on a person.
Stackable: 12

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

Desynthesis Recipe

Goldsmithing (78/89)
Yield: Gold Nugget x 1
HQ 1: Gold Nugget x 2
HQ 2: Gold Nugget x 3
Lightning Crystal
  • 1 x Lamian Armlet

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Others > Beast-made ( )

Dropped By

Name Level Zone
Lamia Fatedealer 73-75 Caedarva Mire
Lamia Dancer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Toxophilite 77-80 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Dartist 73-75 Arrapago Reef


Assault Zone Rank Mission Name  ??? Item
Ilrusi Atoll PSC Golden Salvage ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll PFC Lamia No.13 ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll LC Demolition Duty ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll C Searat Salvation ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll SM Lost and Found ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll CS Deserter ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll SL Desperately Seeking Cephalopods ??? Box
Ilrusi Atoll FL Bellerophon's Bliss ??? Box
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