Start NPC Laila - Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Level 30+
Key ItemPure White Feather
Items Needed Key ItemStardust Pebble
Title Granted Troupe Brilioth Dancer
Repeatable No
Reward The Dancer job
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None The Unfinished Waltz

You must have a job at level 30 or higher, and you must have the Wings of the Goddess expansion installed and registered to activate this quest.


  1. (Upper Jeuno G-7) - Speak with Laila.
    • Choose "I surely do." and then "Never!" from the dialogue options.
    • She then asks you for a Key ItemStardust Pebble.
    • Note: If you speak to Laila but Rhea Myuliah answers, move on with the quest
  2. Speak with Rhea Myuliah standing right next to her for a cutscene.
  3. (Southern San d'Oria K-6) - Head to Lion Springs Tavern and talk to Valderotaux for a cutscene.
  4. (Upper Jeuno G-7) Return and talk to Rhea Myuliah again. She mentions a pebble lying at the bottom of Lake Mechieume in Jugner Forest (S).
  5. (Jugner Forest (S) I-5) - Click on the Glowing Pebbles for a cutscene and a Key ItemStardust Pebble
  6. (Upper Jeuno G-7) Return to and speak with Laila once more.

Game Description

Laila - Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Laila has asked that you bring her a Stardust Pebble before she'll consider allowing you to join Troupe Brilioth.