Mission Name Kupipi's Dilemma
Number 2-1
Start NPC Kupipi, Heavens Tower, Map 2 (H-6)
Title Granted Fully-Baked Hero
Items Needed 01829.png Red Grass Cloth
04558.png Yagudo Drink
04090.png Dream Flower Petal
06604.png White Rolanberry or 06605.png Ripe White Rolanberry
Reward 20,000 gil
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The Destiny Destroyers The Cardians' Duty


Game Description

Mission Orders
A conflict between Shantotto and Kupipi is coming to a head. Shantotto asked Kupipi to fix an old outfit, but Kupipi doesn’t recall such a request. Ask Sassa-Kotassa, Sheelala and Habida-Jubida in Heavens Tower to find out who is right.