Monipulator Overview

Mandragora (Black)
Type: Plantoids
Family: Mandragora
Weak against: Fire Trans Fire Wind Trans Wind Lightning Trans Lightning Dark Trans Dark Ice Trans Ice Piercing Icon Vermin
Strong against: Light Trans Light
Killer Trait: Beast Killer
Combat Skills: Guarding Skill
Size: Small

Through the process of evolution, this sentient form of plant life has developed its own independent culture; the society boasts clothing, homes, and a form of extrasensory communication. While seemingly cute and harmless in appearance, the Korrigans' sense of values differs greatly from that of people or beastmen. These differences often cause friction between the species. Korrigans receive nourishment from the sun via photosynthesis, which occurs in the leaves that grow on their heads. Merchants treasure these rare leaves, which can be sold for use in medicines and perfumes.

How to Unlock:

Species Forms:

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraitsSpells

Monster Skills

Level  Name TP(%)  Description
1  Wild Oats 50 Deals physical damage. Additional effect: VIT Down.
10  Scream 50 Reduces MND of enemies around the caster.
20  Photosynthesis 150 Grants the effect of "Regen" to the caster when used during daytime.
30  Leaf Dagger 80 Deals physical damage. Additional effect: Poison.
40  Dream Flower 120 Puts enemies around the caster to sleep.
50  Head Butt 100 Deals 200% physical damage.
60  Demonic Flower 100 Deals magic damage. Effect varies with HP and inflicts caster with Weakness.

Monster Traits

Monk Traits

Level  Name
01  Martial Arts
05  Subtle Blow
10  Counter
15  Max HP Boost
16  Martial Arts II
25  Subtle Blow II
31  Martial Arts III
35  Max HP Boost II
45  Subtle Blow III
46  Martial Arts IV
51  Kick Attacks (No effect)
55  Max HP Boost III
61  Martial Arts V
65  Subtle Blow IV
70  Max HP Boost IV
Level  Name
71  Kick Attacks II (No effect)
75  Martial Arts VI
75 (Merit)  Invigorate
75 (Merit)  Penance
77  Tactical Guard
81  Counter IIExclamation
82  Martial Arts VII
85  Skillchain Bonus (No effect)
86  Max HP Boost V
87  Tactical Guard II
91  Subtle Blow V
95  Skillchain Bonus II (No effect)
96  Max HP Boost VI
96  Kick Attacks III (No effect)
97  Tactical Guard III

Black Mage Traits

Level  Name
10  Magic Attack Bonus
15  Clear Mind (No effect)
20  Conserve MP
30  Clear Mind II (No effect)
30  Magic Attack Bonus II
45  Clear Mind III (No effect)
45  Magic Burst Bonus
50  Magic Attack Bonus III
50  Elemental Celerity
58  Magic Burst Bonus II
Level  Name
60  Clear Mind IV (No effect)
70  Magic Attack Bonus IV
71  Magic Burst Bonus III
75  Clear Mind V (No effect)
81  Magic Burst Bonus IV
84  Magic Attack Bonus V
85  Occult Acumen
90  Elemental Celerity II
91  Magic Attack Bonus VI
97  Magic Burst Bonus V

Instincts Learned

Instinct NameEffectFaculty Point Cost Level
Mandragora Instinct IDEX +5 Accuracy +10 Haste +1% 2 30
Mandragora Instinct II MND +5 Attack +10 DEF +10 Double Attack +1% 4 60
Mandragora Instinct III HP +3% Subtle Blow +3 Haste +3% 6 90