The Kokba Hostel is a private room that players can reserve for hour-long time slots.

The concept for the hostel has been developed along the lines of the Marble Bridge Eatery in Upper Jeuno—a place separate from the bustle of the city where players of the same job or race can meet their colleagues. In a similar vein, the Kokba Hostel has been designed to provide a space where adventurers can gather and relax with friends in a private setting.


Kokba Hostel can be found in Whitegate at K-10, near the Tea House.

Reserving Kokba Hostel

Click on the door to open the menu. Players can make reservations for a one-hour timeslot, up to two days in advance. If the reservation is not confirmed 15 minutes beforehand any other player can then take up that slot. When the reservation is confirmed you will have to set a password. Every player who wants to enter will need this.


Every player will have to pay a fee of around 500gil upon entering.

Party items

Every player will be given temporary items. Even if your inventory is full, you will still receive them. You will receive fireworks, stews, curry, tea, juices, and costume cakes.


An Attendant in Kokba Hostel

You can select four different attendant types, this will determine which race and what equipment they are wearing. The player who made the reservations can move the attendants around the Kokba Hostel. The attendants can resupply you with party items for a small fee. They can also use "Digestive Magic" which means they can dispel your food effect so you can use more food. There is also a Bard who can change the background music. This will only affect the player who changed it; the others will not hear the change.


Only the players inside the hotel can read /say and /emote. /shout can be seen by everyone outside of the Kokba Hostel.

  • The hostel can be used for a wide range of functions such as linkshell group strategy meetings before an adventure, wedding receptions, or even a place to celebrate those Ballista victories! The choices are only limited by your imagination!