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(Great Katana) All Races
DMG: 104 Delay: 450
Enhances "Third Eye" effect III
"Tachi: Rana"
Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice
Lv. 85 SAM
Damage Per Second: 13.87
TP Per Hit: 115
Enhances "Third Eye" Ability III
  • Enhances "Third Eye" increases anticipation rate about 15% and adds a 15% Counter chance to Third Eye's effect.

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered.

Trial of the Magians

Upgrade from Kogarasumaru (80) via the Mythic Great Katana Trials:

Historical Information

Atypical among other members of the great katana tradition, the tip of this blade has been forged to hold two edges, one fashioned in the traditional eastern style, and the other in that of the west. Legend proclaims that the blade was presented to Balrahn after his defeat of the nefarious enemy general Ogarasu in an epic struggle.


The treasured sword of Taira generations. A treasure of the Imperial household measuring 62.6 cm. long with a double-edged curve 1 or 2 cm. from the tip; a real rare blade. Around the era of the Kanmu tenou, it is rumored that a gigantic crow came to his majesty holding this sword.

For that reason, this sword was then named Kogarasumaru.

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