Start NPC Door: Acolyte Hostel - Windurst Waters (S) (K-5, North section)
Requirements Cait Sith (Mission)
Items Needed 108-Knot Quipu
Repeatable No
Reward Platinum Beastcoin
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The Tigress Strikes A Manifest Problem


  • Note: You will be unable to flag this quest unless you have begun the Cait Sith (Mission) and have it in your mission logs.
  • Go to Windurst Waters (S) (Northern Map) and check the door to the Acolyte Hostel (located at (K-5)) for a cutscene.
  • Go to Sauromugue Champaign (S) and examine the Bulwark Gate (F-6) for a cutscene.
    • Note: You may want to farm the 108-Knot Quipu prior to obtaining the cutscene as you will need to return to this point for an additional cutscene after farming the item.
  • Obtain a 108-Knot Quipu from the select Yagudo in the far easternmost area of Sauromugue Champaign (S).
    • Yagudo Prior, Yagudo Pythoness, Yagudo Zealot, Yagudo Missionary, Yagudo Lutenist, Yagudo Abbot and Yagudo Inquisitor drop the 108-Knot Quipu.
    • These Yagudo are located in forts along the far east wall of Sauromugue Champaign [S]. A ramp up is in the NE corner of (L-8). One such fort is at (L-9).
    • If the Yagudo control Sauromugue Champaign, the Yagudo will also be found in many forts throughout the zone, even far west by the Fortifications.
    • If the area is under Beastmen control, the Yagudo wander outside the forts during a campaign battle and at night. If it is under Allied control, they will only leave the forts during a campaign battle. Take care when pulling to avoid links.
  • Trade the 108-Knot Quipu to the Bulwark Gate for another cutscene.
  • Zone into Southern San d'Oria (S) from anywhere for the next cutscene.
    • Zoning from a Campaign Outpost does not count.
  • Check the door of the house at (M-8) of Southern San d'Oria (S) for the final cutscene and to receive your reward.

Game Description

Romaa Mihgo (Aurastery, Windurst Waters)
Koru-Moru has set off to Jeuno with an inexperienced Mithran escort. Romaa wants you to make sure they arrive safely.

Game Script and cutscene video

WOTG Knot Quite There Video hosted on Filefront.

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