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Ranperre R d'Oraguille Savior of a Nation
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739 - 832

Ranperre R d'Oraguille, the 24th king of San d'Oria, reigned from 782 to 832. Also known as the Dragon King, Ranperre was hailed as the greatest monarch of the d'Oraguille family. He was born the eldest son of the crown prince of West San d'Oria, and diligently studied the arts of war from childhood. Ranperre acceded to the throne after agents of East San d'Oria murdered his father.

After ten years of fighting, the Dragon King subdued the East San d'Orian forces and put an end to the long and bloody civil conflict. He continued to build his legend by expelling the Orcish hordes from Ronfaure, and ridding the kingdom of marauding black dragons.
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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 07

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