Type: BCNM
Zone: Horlais Peak
        Level: None
        Members: 3
        Time: 15 minutes
Orb: Phobos Orb (30 Kindred's Crests)





Maldorous Mort



Mortobello x3



Possible Rewards

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Unknown Groupings:
Agaricus (???%)
Amanita Hairpin (???%)
Coral Fragment (???%)
Danceshroom (???%)
Dark Fewell (???%)
Demon Horn (???%)
Dragon Meat (???%)
Earth Fewell (???%)
Earth Ore (???%)
Ebony Log (???%)
Fire Fewell (???%)
Fire Ore (???%)
Gnadgott (???%)
Gold Ore (???%)
Gold Thread (???%)
Granite (???%)
Hi-Reraiser (???%)
Ice Fewell (???%)
King Truffle (???%)
Lightning Fewell (???%)
Mahogany Log (???%)
Mythril Ore (???%)
Noble Lady (???%)
Petrified Log (???%)
Platinum Ore (???%)
Rainbow Cloth (???%)
Ram Horn (???%)
Raxa (???%)
Reraiser (???%)
Scream Fungus (???%)
Sleepshroom (???%)
Vile Elixir (???%)
Vile Elixir +1 (???%)
Water Fewell (???%)
Wind Fewell (???%)
Wyvern Scales (???%)
Various Empyrean Seals (???%)


  • Malodorous Mort and Mortobello's will all use TP at the same time.
  • Can TP first move without hitting it.
  • Malodorous Mort: only Silence Gas observed (~1000 damage)
  • Mortobello: Numbshroom, Shakeshroom, or Queasyshroom (low damage)
  • Malodorous Mort is susceptible to Slow, Paralyze, and Blind.
  • Malodorous Mort moves at Flee speed, Mortobello's at normal speed
  • Malodorous Mort is the only mob that needs to be defeated to finish the KCNM. Upon defeat, the Mortobello de-aggro and despawn shortly after.
  • Mortobello's are immune to charm.


  • Easy Bst Duo. 1 Kites. 1 solo's the boss.
  • Super tanking seemed to work best, but lost to combined TP move
  • Went in with 90 BST MNK and RDM ~ BST used pet aggro on the group and kited the little ones while the MNK and RDM killed the Boss. Battle took 6:22.
  • Just 2boxed this with little difficulty as Kannagi 99NIN/DNC and 99RDM. Just went in as NIN and tanked all of them at once, fulltimed my Evasion set except for WS. Kept Slow2/Para2 on the boss, and only attacked him. DNC sub was very useful for getting back to full HP after they all used WS. Make sure to have echo drops for the Silence gas, as it seems to have a long range.
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