Job: Paladin
Family: Trolls
Crystal: Fire
Weak to:

Zeni Notorious Monster (Tier III)

Khromasoul Bhurborlor

Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Mount Zhayolm


  • ???~??? gil



  • Spawned by trading a Vinegar Pie to a ??? found on the upper ledge in the NW corner of Mount Zhayolm (H-8). The item can be purchased from Sanraku.
  • Upon spawning, it will spawn 3 Troll Grenadiers (RDM) which cannot be slept.
    • All adds that have been killed/despawned can be resummoned. There are indicators that will signal a possible resummoning: Khromasoul issuing a cheering motion, as if calling in reinforcements; or Khromasoul performing the TP ability Healing Stomp. (Note: Neither has been verified to be a 100% indicator that he is about to resummon his allies.)
      • Around 80%, all remaining Troll Grenadier well be replaced with 3 Troll Cuirassier (DRK). They use Souleater repeatedly.
      • Around 60%, all remaining Troll Cuirasser will be replaced with 3 Troll Artilleryman (RNG). They will use the ranged attack Zarraqa frequently, which ignores shadows.
      • Around 40%, all remaining Troll Artilleryman will be replaced with 3 Troll Hammersmith. These use Drop Hammer (AoE damage+bind) very often. Do not fight in a small area.
      • Around 20%, all remaining Troll Hammersmith will depop. At which point it will begin to spam Overthrow. Overthrow goes through shadows, and can deal up to 1800 damage to ninja or rarely Paladin/ninja tanks or other average defense melees. Overthrow averages ~500-600 to a turtled Paladin with taco and defender.
  • Recommended to pull away from spawn area, as there are multiple roaming Trolls that will further complicate the fight (MNK, WAR, RDM Trolls). It's a long way from any zone, but doable to get Khromasoul to the zone to Halvung at G-6, by a member with movement +.
  • Recommended to have the adds pulled away and tanked individually while alliance puts all its energy on Khromasoul Bhurborlor itself.
  • Recommended to go under 40% only when fully prepared and to take its HP down under 20% ASAP.
  • A good strategy is to make sure regular mobs on the rooftop is killed and won't respawn during the fight. Have 3 mages capable of kiting (adds are resistant to sleep and gravity but susceptible to bind) while 5-6 melee plus tank bring down the NM fast. Make sure to save your best melee abilities for the last 20% as the fight can get messy then. With this strategy the fight can be easily won with about 12 decently skilled players in 5-10 minutes.
  • Possible to low man with only 6 fairly easily.
  • This ZNM has alot of life. Long fight without very heavy DD.
  • Troll pets will despawn if zoned. A RDM outside the party can easily Diaga and zone to despawn them. The pets won't respawn for another 30-90 seconds after despawning.
  • Bhurborlor seems to be susceptible to nukes, with Tier 3s doing around 500+ damage. Nuke and zone strategy works very well on him. As mentioned above, helps to have a RDM outside casting Diaga to zone the pets.
  • Can drop two Enkidu's Subligars or two Simba Bucklers.