Start NPC Guddal - Port Jeuno (I-7)
Requirements Rise of the Zilart
Items Needed Giddeus Chest Key
Ghelsba Chest Key
Palborough Chest Key
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemAirship pass for Kazham
Unlocks KeyItemKazham warp rune and KeyItemNorg warp rune for purchase

This quest does not appear in your quest log.



  • Giddeus: Stay to the right and make your way to the cave at (G-7). Head left after you enter and drop down the hole concealed by bramble at (H-7). Head south outside the tunnel and follow the path all the way to the bottom of the map, taking care to not fall down. The very last room (H-13/14) contains all of the chest key mobs.
  • Ghelsba Outpost: Hang left after you enter and zone into Yughott Grotto. Move forward into the largest room which contains the mobs.
  • Palborough Mines: Take the elevator at (I-8) (approach from the east side) to the third floor and make your way to the area just before Waughroon Shrine. The mobs spawn after the river around (H-9), in the four rooms and the path leading up to the zone.


  • Foes that drop the required keys can be soloed by most level 25 or higher Damage Dealing jobs.
  • Mage jobs may require additional support if attempting this quest at 25.
  • See Testimonials for more information on particular setups.
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