Speak to Erlene in The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8) with your main job set to Scholar level 5+ to learn this spell.

May only be cast with Tabula Rasa active.

  • Deals initial damage, then ticking periodic damage every 3 seconds.[1]
  • Periodic damage is 25% of the initial nuke's damage, capping at approximately 10k damage.[2]
    • Periodic damage duration varies with the caster's current Dark Magic Skill. Duration in seconds can be calculated with (1 + floor(Dark Magic Skill/11)) x 3[1]
  • Can be made Area of Effect using Manifestation.
    • Using Kaustra with Manifestation on multiple targets causes the damage on each target to be reduced, much like a BLM's -ga spells.
  • MP cost can be reduced to 10% of maximum MP by using Parsimony.