Kagetora (S)


  • If independent, he will remain in one of the three above zones, he will not change his location until a tally is done. If a Campaign battle is in progress, he will disappear until it is over.
  • Battles with Utsusemi "clones" of himself.
  • Battle Cry: I saved this one especially for you!
  • This NPC appears in the present as Kagetora and can be found at Port Bastok (F-6) - Upper level of Warehouse 2.

"I don't have time to entertain the likes of you. Get out of my face."

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

A Hume pirate-wirate hailing from Elshimo Island, Kagetora has made quite the name for himself. He comes from a long family line of ninjas, and rumor has it he sailed to these western lands in hot pursuitaru of a sworn enemy. Not the most social chap at the party, but he does have profitable ties to the Tenshodo in Jeuno. A ninja with a ninja's pleasures, try to warm him up to you by giving him a shuriken.

How to Influence

  • Trade him shurikens to gain influence for your allegiance. You can only trade him one at a time, zoning between trades.

"Hmmph...I'll consider remaining with your (kingdom/republic/federation), but I won't make you any gurantees. Hold on... You haven't happened to hear anything about an Ensetsu, have you? His family's supposed to be living here in Bastok. Ah, nevermind. Forget you heard anything from me."

When Allied

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