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Job Specific Equipment - a/k/a JSE

JSE is gear that is specifically designed for each job. While there are certain items which can be used by only a limited number of jobs, sometimes as few as two, JSE is what it says, job specific, and therefore does not include these pieces.

Popular JSE pieces are:

Artifact Armor, Relic Armor and Empyrean Armor

Oboro Weapons

Relic Weapons, Mythic Weapons, Empyrean Weapons, Aeonic Weapons and Divergence Weapons

JSE Reive Capes

JSE Ambuscade Capes

JSE Necks

For a list of equipment that can be used by each job, click on the links below.

Bard Beastmaster Black Mage Blue Mage
Corsair Dancer Dark Knight Dragoon
Monk Ninja Paladin Puppetmaster
Ranger Red Mage Samurai Scholar
Summoner Thief Warrior White Mage